Customer Loyalty and Churn Analytics

Gain a 360-degree view of your loyalty programs to better understand customer preferences and factors affecting churn


Minimize acquisition costs and boost customer retention rates through customer loyalty surveys

In today’s competitive environment, enterprises not only need to work harder, but also need to work smarter to retain their existing customers. This cruel reality of the modern business world is that fact that it costs far more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing customer.

Given the high costs associated with acquiring new customers, reducing customer churn through an intelligent segmentation of your customer base is essential to business viability. Quantzig’s advanced customer loyalty and churn analytics solutions can help you reap maximum benefits from a well-segmented and thoroughly analyzed customer database. Driven by advanced data science and machine learning algorithms, our customer loyalty and churn analytics solutions aim to help you identify flight risk customers and factors affecting their decisions.


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Reduced Acquisition

Create personalized campaigns to drive customer loyalty by targeting customers likely to attrite

The ongoing paradigm shift in today’s business world has prompted organizations to spend a significant portion of their marketing time and money on acquiring new customers, but they fail to realize that customer retention is arguably even more important than acquisition. The ability to identify higher value customers empowers businesses to spend more time building loyalty programs to drive bottom line results.

Quantzig’s customer loyalty and churn analysis solutions use powerful predictive models to determine which actions typically precede a lost customer or sale and allow businesses to leverage data discovery to identify factors that affect churn. We help you bring together all the technology components your organization needs to gain a 360-degree view of your customers. Leveraging our advanced analytics solutions can also help you improve customer relationships, identify profitable segments, and win back former customers by enhancing customer loyalty.

Quantzig’s Customer Loyalty and Churn Analytics Capabilities

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    Sentiment Analysis

    We offer advanced sentiment analysis solutions that leverage machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze datasets in real-time so that you can take appropriate actions and solve critical business issues before it becomes a major crisis. Our AI-powered advanced analytics algorithms also lower data filtering complexities to help businesses focus their resources on drafting roadmaps for improving campaign effectiveness.

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    Market Basket Analysis

    An unpredictable economy and unrelenting marginal pressures require businesses to think more proactively and identify factors that drive consumer buying preferences and behaviors. Our unique portfolio of market basket analysis solutions combines in-depth domain expertise, predictive analytics, and data mining to help clients gain actionable insights and make smarter decisions that future-proof their businesses.

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    Churn Modeling

    Today, businesses have access to a rich customer profile from disparate sources such as online, in-store, surveys, and social media. Though this data brings great promise, it's not truly valuable until the data is consolidated from silos and analyzed together to offer a complete view of the customer journey. At Quantzig, we understand that measuring and analyzing the underlying reasons for churn is of utmost importance for businesses to tackle the growing competition, which is why we’ve developed robust predictive churn modeling solutions that can help you effectively manage risks associated with churn while improving business value.

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    Customer Retention Analytics

    It’s worth going the extra mile to retain profitable customers by improving service efficiencies and customer satisfaction rates. We’ve curated a portfolio of advanced customer retention analytics solutions that focus on increasing wallet share by identifying and retaining profitable customer segments.

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    Loyalty Analytics

    Businesses today are moving away from transactional points-based schemes toward more varied, flexible customer loyalty management systems to boost retention. This has turned out to be a major challenge for players who lack the right tools and analytics expertise to analyze and segment customers into discrete groups for targeted marketing. Our loyalty analytics solutions are designed to tackle this modern challenge and help organizations capitalize on new, untapped opportunities to improve customer experience and boost loyalty.

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