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Our customer satisfaction analytics solutions are tailored to help you streamline and improve customer experiences through targeted campaigns and personalized offerings


Gain comprehensive insights into customer needs and demands using customer satisfaction surveys

With the proliferation of technology, customers of today have started switching between channels in no time and expect a consistent level of customer service across all platforms throughout their journey. Anticipating customer expectations and tracking customer churn are the two main challenges that companies face in today’s competitive business landscape. To address such challenges, companies need to leverage customer analytics solutions that can help them improve customer satisfaction by segmenting customers more effectively.

Quantzig with its expertise in offering advanced customer satisfaction analytics solutions helps businesses to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our innovative, analytics-driven approach helps companies across industries to better understand their customers by tracking key metrics that determine business success. Leverage our customer analytics solutions to create a seamless customer experience and enhance customer satisfaction significantly.





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Track and monitor customer satisfaction metrics to unearth valuable insights

To improve customer service, strengthen customer relationships, and decrease attrition rate, it's important that businesses take into consideration customer satisfaction metrics that will help track the evolving needs of their customers. Our end-to-end customer satisfaction analytics solutions are designed to help companies to extract meaningful insights from the huge troves of customer data and develop suitable strategies to drive growth.

Quantzig’s Customer Satisfaction Capabilities

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    Survey Analytics

    Customer satisfaction surveys are imperative for improving your business by ensuring your customers are satisfied with your service offerings. Businesses can use customer satisfaction surveys to gain detailed insights into the positive and negative perceptions of the global customer base and use it to build suitable marketing strategies. Our customer satisfaction analytics solutions aim to do just that by leveraging advanced analytics to help you anticipate customer needs and offer services that are close to their requirements.

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    Customer Satisfaction Metrics

    Tracking customer satisfaction metrics can help businesses to gain insights into their customers' behaviors and improve their marketing strategy. Through our advanced customer satisfaction analytics solutions, we help our client to quantify customer experiences and identify potential problem areas within product categories, services, or even the structure of their business using customer satisfaction metrics.

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    Customer Experience Analytics

    If analyzed accurately, customer experience data can offer meaningful insights on customer satisfaction and churn. However, owing to the unstructured nature of these data sets, businesses may find it challenging to analyze and extract insights from them. Our portfolio of customer satisfaction analytics solutions focuses on addressing this issue by leveraging next-gen predictive algorithms and AI-based tools to eliminate data silos and create a unified voice of your customers.

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