Customer Satisfaction

Maximize your customer relationship value and profitability by infusing analytics at various stages of the customer journey.

As businesses continue to evolve in today’s digitally inclined world, customers are more willing to look at alternatives, placing tremendous pressure on businesses to retain customers and grow revenue. Businesses must, therefore, look for innovative ways to improve customer satisfaction and drive loyalty. One way to do so is to become indispensable partners to their customers and closely monitor customer satisfaction KPIs.

Quantzig, through its comprehensive portfolio of customer satisfaction analytics solutions, is helping its clients solve this challenge. Our solution brings next best action capabilities and unified customer intelligence to any business environment so businesses can provide greater personalization and improve customer satisfaction levels.

Customer satisfaction analytics from Quantzig transforms your existing customer information into critical business insights for improved business decisions. Our team comprises data analytics and industry experts who offer a global data analytics experience you can leverage to improve performance, customer satisfaction, risk management, and KPI monitoring capabilities. Our customer satisfaction analytics capabilities include statistical analysis, predictive modeling, advanced data visualization, reporting, and dashboard development.

Core Capabilities

Survey Analytics

Customer surveys often generate huge volumes of unstructured customer information. To analyze and communicate the results of these surveys, one must summarize the data into tables and graphs that are easy to interpret and convey the results. Besides, to take necessary actions based on a survey, one might need convincing statistical evidence of a particular outcome related to the survey.

Quantzig leverages its advanced customer satisfaction analytics capabilities to help its clients analyze and graphically display survey data. Detailed customer survey insights can also help enhance business outcomes by delivering tailored solutions to cater to the unique needs of different customer groups.

Customer Satisfaction Metrics

Evaluating customer satisfaction with respect to their service of product offerings is how organizations analyze their capabilities. But with the proliferation of touchpoints, the measurement of customer satisfaction across the entire organization becomes challenging. This is when customer satisfaction metrics come in handy.

Tracking customer satisfaction metrics can help businesses gain insights into their customers’ needs and preferences. Our advanced customer satisfaction analytics solutions help clients quantify customer experiences and identify potential problem areas within product categories, services, and even the business structure using customer satisfaction metrics.

Customer Experience Analytics

Improving customer experience is a top priority for businesses worldwide. But with a plethora of new products and services and little or no competitive differentiation between brands, businesses today often try to earn customer loyalty and trust by offering better services and memorable experiences.

But owing to the unstructured nature of cross-platform customer data, integrating data sets for a comprehensive view of the customer experience requires expertise and focus. Our customer satisfaction analytics solutions portfolio focuses on addressing this issue by leveraging next-gen predictive algorithms and natural language processing to eliminate data silos and create a unified voice of your customers.

Evolving technologies, protocols, customer requirements, and competitors are creating new market realities for businesses. Quantzig combines best practices in data science, machine learning, customer satisfaction analytics, and NLP to help you compete in an increasingly dynamic environment.

Transform your existing customer information into critical business insights.

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