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Leverage out-of-the-box capabilities to drive marketing outcomes through targeted promotions.

The changing economic outlook is testing the mettle of businesses today as they seek to acquire and retain profitable customers through targeted marketing. Once an impractical scenario, it is now a reality enabling businesses to drive long-term profitability through advanced customer segmentation strategies. Customer segmentation can help organizations make better use of marketing budgets by segmenting customers into homogenous groups.

Quantzig’s customer segmentation solutions empower your marketing teams with the insights needed to identify and target profitable customer groups. Our customer segmentation analysis approach helps businesses integrate and synthesize disparate customer data sources and develop insights about the drivers and factors impacting customer behavior.

Core Capabilities

Multi-channel Marketing

Marketing channels today are undergoing a paradigm shift. This has necessitated businesses to manage, deliver, and personalize content across channels. Quantzig provides a comprehensive and integrated set of multichannel marketing solutions.

Our expertise enables clients to strategize and implement successful multi-channel, multi-lingual marketing solutions, empowering businesses with the ability to deliver a seamless and consistent experience across channels while factoring in the individual needs and preferences of customers.

Product Affinity Analysis

As new channels, products, and offers emerge, consumers are gradually spending more through online and offline channels. In such a scenario, businesses must capture and analyze data to better understand the buying preferences of different customer segments.

Leveraging our product affinity analysis expertise, we aim to help businesses capitalize on this opportunity and identify new cross-selling and upselling ideas to target customers with similar purchase patterns and preferences. By combining the best data mining and analytical approaches, we also help clients identify profitable product categories by analyzing the degree of alignment between the customers’ needs and their offerings.

Customer Acquisition Strategy

Driving growth is one of the main goals of any business strategy. Because only with continuous business growth can you increase sales, market footprint and capitalize on new opportunities to gain a competitive edge. To optimize the performance and drive growth, retaining the existing customer base is often not enough, but acquiring new, loyal customers is also crucial.

The key to developing a strong customer acquisition strategy is understanding the customer’s journey and identifying how different touch points impact the customer’s purchase behavior. At Quantzig, we help clients develop robust customer acquisition strategies by striking the right balance between meeting customer requirements and driving sales.

Customer Targetting

With many products to sell and multiple channels to market, businesses today find it difficult to reach the ideal prospects. Quantzig’s value-based customer targeting solutions empower businesses to understand their customers better, thereby identifying the right customers to target through the right channels. This helps organizations improve customer engagement through smart marketing programs that optimize spend and improve ROI.

Customer Profitability Analysis

Analyzing and projecting your profitability levels doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task. Quantzig’s cutting-edge profitability modeling solutions can help evaluate customer level profitability, which in turn can help you design different targeted actions and strategies against different profitability segments. As such, you will be armed with valuable information needed to make successful managerial decisions to improve overall profitability.

Promotion Response Modeling

In today’s world, where complex customer datasets are rapidly growing, adopting customer segmentation analytics techniques that leverage data mining and response modeling are becoming imperative for success.

 At Quantzig, we understand the difference a robust promotion response modeling approach can bring to your business. Hence, we’ve developed solutions that can help you identify the right tactics to target the right customer segments and maximize returns.

Market Campaign Testing

Designing marketing campaigns involves fundamental processes that revolve around conceptualization, designing, testing, review, and roll-out. For marketers, it is important to test marketing campaigns before it reaches the masses.

Quantzig offers campaign testing solutions that can help you edit, revise, and fix your campaign elements and simulate potential impacts the changes can have. Optimizing your marketing strategies will help you meet campaign goals, whether you’re looking to boost sales on an e-commerce site, increase engagement on your social media channels, or achieve a different objective.

Psychographic Segmentation

Psychographic customer segmentation helps group previous, current, or prospective customers by their shared beliefs, traits, values, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles. Therefore, it is an extremely powerful tool for marketing products and services to individuals with varying psychological traits and characteristics.

Psychographic segmentation can help differentiate customers based on their response to your offerings and messaging. It can also help you design a powerful strategy to market the same product to individuals who otherwise seem very heterogeneous.

Demographic Segmentation

The end goal of any customer segmentation strategy is to identify and segment profitable customers into groups based on their needs and preferences. To achieve this capability, businesses can segment customers into groups based on the demographic information that provides insights into their purchase behaviors.

Quantzig’s demographic segmentation solutions enable businesses to capitalize on this capability to serve their customers better. Adopting such an approach also helps forecast the impact of a change in market strategy or product launch in relation to the demographic biases of their customers.

Geographic Segmentation

Geographic segmentation is an effective customer segmentation methodology widely used by well-established organizations with a national or international presence to better understand the location attributes of a specific target market segments. 

Geographical customer segmentation is key to optimizing your online and offline marketing activities by matching your products and services to the preferences of customers across different cities, regions, or countries. Through our geographic customer segmentation solutions, we help companies identify whitespaces and realign their marketing efforts to optimize spend and drive outcomes.

Behavioral Segmentation 

Customers today differ vastly in their purchasing behavior and preferences. There is, therefore, an ongoing need to customize products, services, pricing, promotions, and packaging in line with the unique needs of different customer segments. Getting this right can help drive profitable relationships and optimize service delivery across business units.

Our customer segmentations analytics experts have carefully considered these factors while developing behavioral segmentation algorithms to analyze specific behavioral patterns. As a result, each segment represents a unique set of behavioral characteristics. Our analytics expertise and extensive research have also helped fine-tune our customer segmentation models to help businesses identify unique customer personas and influence their purchase decisions.

Quantzig’s bespoke customer segmentation solutions are proven to help businesses maximize profits and create a competitive edge. And in today’s turbulent marketplace, it is no longer a nice-to-have capability but a must-have capability across industries.

The main challenge for businesses today is having access to data on customer profiles but not being able to infuse insights into their business strategies.

Request a free proposal to learn how our advanced customer analytics solutions can help you tackle this challenge.

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