Next Best Action Analytics

Create winning customer experiences by leveraging solutions customized for a customer-centric marketing paradigm


Determine the next best action for each of your customers at any point in time

The customers today are well-informed and expect companies to deliver messages that are relevant to their needs and interests. Traditional marketing approaches generally focus on developing offers to achieve the company’s goals and business objectives. Quantzig’s next best action marketing solutions can help you achieve your marketing and sales goals, by placing customers at the core of all offers and marketing initiatives. Driven by machine learning and AI-based models, our next best action analytics solutions can help you track and analyze purchase behavior, social media interactions, and other aspects of the customer journey so that you can deliver the best experience across all customer touchpoints.












Focus on the marketing message and create highly-personalized offerings

Today’s consumers increasingly demand experiences that are highly personalized, and based on their individual interests, and priorities. They expect companies to deliver messages that are relevant to their needs and interests. We understand that customers are individuals and not just demographic groups or segments and that traditional approaches may fall short of meeting the unique and evolving needs of modern audiences. Quantzig’s next best action marketing solutions enable businesses to develop highly targeted marketing, service and product-specific value propositions to address the needs of different customer groups as well as individual customers.

Quantzig’s Next Best Action Capabilities

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    Next Best Action - Predictive Modeling

    With consumers increasingly demanding contextualized experiences that are relevant to their needs and interests, traditional marketing approaches fail to deliver the desired results. At Quantzig, we understand the priority of customer-centricity and work towards enabling best-in-class customer experiences through next best action analytics that leverages cutting-edge machine learning and AI-based techniques to identify the most important marketing messages, channels, offers, and products during a customer’s journey and create rich experiences for each situation.

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    Next Best Action - Advanced Scenario Planning

    With the goal of simulating various real-life situations, to help businesses make well-informed and strategic long-term decisions as well as tactical short-term decisions, we build simulators, which prescribe the next best action for each customer situation. The use of advanced scenario planning techniques can help your organization uncover critical aspects that help develop plausible solutions to responses for each event.

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