Clickstream Analytics

Understand user behavior, identify user trends, discover new mediums, and increase conversion.

The widespread use of websites by varying types of businesses across industries has led to an increasing need for analytics. Clickstream analysis addresses the need for real-time, aggregate data regarding the performance of pages and show companies how consumers constantly interact with their website and brand.

Through clickstream analysis, businesses gain crucial insights into their consumers’ online behavior, identify consumer needs, and create customized solutions. It also allows companies to develop personalized approaches to marketing and promote relevant offerings to their customers. Additionally, clickstream analysis provides businesses with crucial information regarding the click path utilized by customers and helps identify customer trends and common interests that lead to their page.

Core Capabilities

Customer Analytics

Consumers’ click paths and behavior on a website are highly indicative of their interests and preferences. By collecting, segmenting, and analyzing clickstream data, businesses can identify customer behavior trends and make relevant business decisions. This data also enables direct marketing, improved customer relationship management, and higher customer retention.

Quantzig’s customer analytics solutions enable companies to analyze relevant data and make beneficial business decisions effectively. Our customer analytics solutions also empower businesses to increase customer acquisition, focus marketing on profitable consumer segments, and improve customer loyalty.

Website Optimization

With the substantial amount of data regarding consumer behavior, preferences, and needs made available to businesses through clickstream analytics, it is possible to improve the website experience. Data regarding popular landing pages, and pages with high exit rates, help brands choose which pages to promote and improve upon. Additionally, understanding target consumers’ preferences enables targeted promotion of certain pages and a better overall user experience.

With Quantzig’s clickstream analytics solutions, brands can optimize their website to provide the ideal user experience and increase ROI. Additionally, website optimization helps businesses grow website traffic, perform cost-effective marketing, improve brand awareness, and rank well on search engines.

Quantzig’s clickstream analysis solutions empower brands to compile, evaluate, and comprehend the relevant data procured. Additionally, our experts help businesses address challenges, make effective changes to improve the customer experience and create a user-friendly click path.

Request a free proposal to learn how Quantzig’s advanced clickstream analysis solutions can help you identify customer trends and behavior, discover new mediums, and increase conversions.

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