Social Media Analytics

Understand users, optimize content strategy, track leads, convert customers through social media efforts, assess online campaigns, and gauge your brand strength.

The increasing use of social media websites and applications has become a crucial marketing and feedback tool in recent years. Consumers across age groups, geographic locations, and buying capacities are readily interacting with various forms of content and conversations regarding multiple topics daily. Over time, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, have become platforms with varying forms of content that provide consumers with the power to express their opinions and interact with other consumers and businesses.

Social media platforms have proven to be a crucial tool in establishing an online presence for businesses of varying kinds across industries, creating an inclusive and extensive marketing campaign. As digital marketing and social media marketing have evolved, marketers have found immense value in analyzing social media analytics. Social media analytics enables businesses to utilize data, understand how consumers interact with their content, evaluate challenges in their marketing approach, and make necessary changes to their process.

Quantzig’s social media analytics solutions provide businesses with crucial insights and offer a comprehensive understanding of their social media presence. Our solutions also empower companies to make the necessary changes to their social media marketing campaigns and social media presence to increase their followers, engagement, or ROI.

Core Capabilities

Text Mining

The process of text mining is applied to text-based datasets to derive information from various text sources, such as social media, books, websites, and more. It is the process of information-retrieval conducted by artificial intelligence to procure high-quality information that may be previously unknown. In social media analytics, text mining serves to understand consumers’ perspectives regarding the offerings and services of a business.

Quantzig’s social media analytics experts provide companies with the tools required to efficiently procure information regarding consumers’ sentiment, purchase intent, and identify meaningful phrases. This enables companies to understand consumers’ opinions towards their brand and accordingly make improvements, introduction, deletions, or changes within their offerings as required.

Influencer Analytics

In the rapidly changing consumer base and an increasing number of millennial and gen-Z consumers, social media influencers are among the most effective form of marketing for many B2C businesses. Tracking the ROI on influencer marketing is extremely challenging, and can be a futile attempt if not tracked, strategized, and implemented efficiently. 

Quantzig’s influencer analytics solutions enable businesses to track the performance of their influencer marketing strategies, influencer posts, and stories efficiently. This, in turn, allows firms to increase, reduce, or halt certain approaches as per the ROI and performance of their marketing strategies based on analytics-driven insights.

With the growth of social media as a marketing category comes the need for analytics. Track and monitor your customers in real-time to target the right cohorts, with the right message and at the right moment with our AI-powered web analytics solutions.

Quantzig’s advanced social media analytics can help you fuel top-performing campaigns and marketing strategies, Discover the right brand advocates, optimize your budget, measure and benchmark your results, and Organize millions of conversations on social media platforms to understand the sentiment around your brand.

Request a free proposal to track and monitor your customers in real time and get a unified view of their journey, assess your campaign performance, and consolidate your business’s omnichannel journey with Quantzig’s social media analytics solutions.

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