Web Analytics

Analyze website visitor behavior, attract the target audience, track and optimize marketing campaigns, assess website performance, and improve conversion rate.

The world is going digital, and businesses need to do the same. However, creating a simple website that serves the minimal purpose of being available to consumers is not nearly enough. To compete with the growing digital world, the rising consumer dependency on the world wide web, and stay ahead of competitors’ websites, businesses need to make a unique impression on consumers. This includes developing a well-planned user interface, an enjoyable user experience, and an incomparable backend support system.

As businesses grow and website traffic increases, web analytics provides businesses with the opportunity to analyze problem points and improve their initial design and content. With web analytics, developers and marketing teams can procure and analyze data such as page bounce rates, popular pages, number of visits, common landing pages, and more. This enables well-informed strategizing and data-driven initiatives to create a better experience for consumers.

Quantzig’s web analytics solutions empower companies to acquire, analyze, and gain comprehensive insights from data regarding their website. Our solutions help businesses identify and address potential pain points, efficiently analyze the data available, and improve their website with accurate and relevant real-time data.

Core Capabilities

Website Performance Assessment

The most efficient way to acquire and retain customers in the digital world is to create a flawless website experience. This requires a dedicated analysis and a comprehensive understanding of web analytics. Although businesses and professionals can procure data regarding their website’s performance, accurately analyzing it to reveal challenges and further implementing change can be challenging.

Quantzig’s web analytics experts analyze the data procured from websites, identify patterns and challenges, and provide companies with data-driven insights to better website performance. With our website performance assessment, businesses can gain a comprehensive understanding of their website performance and work towards creating the ideal consumer experience.

Audience Assessment

Quantzig’s advanced web analytics solutions make use of audience information like the number of visits, the number of unique visitors, new vs. returning visitor ratio, demographics, browser details, and provide the business insights on how their website is performing and what optimizations are required.

Analyzing user behavior like common landing pages, common exit pages, frequently visited pages, visit duration, the number of pages scrolled, bounce rate, helps businesses revamp their website to best suit their target audience’s requirements and increase the chances of conversion.

Campaign Assessment

Data and information on past campaigns like the campaigns/websites/keyword searches that drove the most traffic, campaign medium assessment, enable businesses to optimize future campaigns, reduce unnecessary costs, and increase marketing ROI.

Quantzig’s advanced campaign assessment solutions will enable you to make use of past campaign data to improve decision-making and optimize your marketing and campaign strategy.

The complexity of customer data has evolved and prompted web analytics to move beyond a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. And innovative data teams have taken the mandate to devise the infrastructure to turn web data into a competitive differentiator. Quantzig’s portfolio of advanced web analytics solutions enables organizations to do just that by helping them turn data-driven insights into actionable customer engagement opportunities.

With deep insights from website performance assessments, organizations can drive significant improvements to drive online performance and growth.

Request for a free proposal to learn how our advanced web analytics solutions can help you optimize online experiences, enhance customer loyalty, and boost overall business outcomes.

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