Formulate a roadmap to facilitate the delivery of insights to key decision-makers using digital enterprise analytics solutions

Quantzig’s digital enterprise analytics solutions help businesses to decode, analyze, and interpret digital data illustrating user behavior on websites and mobile applications


Innovative digital enterprise analytics solutions to address pressing challenges and dynamic business requirements

Technology and analytics are revolutionizing competitive dynamics across industries, but a significant gap exists between users and businesses. Our digital enterprise analytics solutions harness digital data to bridge this gap using analytics-driven principles to derive solutions that are practical and effective to implement at scale. Based on our experience transforming business operations for many years, we believe that to leverage enterprise data analytics for marketing one must ensure the devised strategies align with the orchestration of new workflows. The goal is to drive results by identifying the added value that can be drawn from digital touchpoints.

Move beyond operational reporting and make decisions based on prescriptive digital enterprise analytics solutions

We’ve taken advantage of our enterprise data analytics expertise and deep domain knowledge to develop a comprehensive portfolio of digital enterprise analytics solutions that meet specific, targeted customer pain points. Our digital enterprise analytics solutions comprise of an interconnected mesh of methodologies that help tackle business challenges while focusing on improving processes. What makes our digital enterprise analytics solutions portfolio unique is that it has an open architecture for leading technologies to drive the best business outcomes and innovation at scale.

Reorient efforts and technology around user behavior to deliver real business impact with enterprise data analytics

Quantzig’s digital enterprise analytics solutions can help you analyze user data and refocus your efforts toward the right direction to ensure it aligns with the business requirements. We also conduct thorough research and analysis on your brand's analytics capabilities to identify gaps and build a robust enterprise data analytics strategy that revolves around improving key business KPIs and metrics.

Solution Portfolio – Digital Enterprise Analytics Solutions

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    Digital Footprint Analysis

    Quantzig’s digital enterprise data analytics solutions can help you analyze digital footprints to drive outcomes based on value-driven decision-making approaches that leverage digital data sets.

    • Analyze data trails to redefine your digital transformation objectives with cutting-edge digital analytic solutions
    • Our digital enterprise analytics solutions help break barriers by combining deep domain knowledge with user-centric design principles
    • Leverage digital enterprise data analytics to amplify your uniqueness through the power of digital technologies and advanced analytics
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    Online Competitive Price Tracking and Benchmarking

    Our online competitive price tracking and benchmarking solutions empower businesses to gain a pricing advantage by leveraging advanced analytics techniques to harness maximum insights from online data.

    • Our portfolio of enterprise data analytics solutions also focusses on price monitoring and benchmarking t help businesses gain a competitive pricing advantage
    • Track your competitor’s pricing strategies and devise new pricing strategies to suit your business requirements
    • Optimize pricing strategies and make effective pricing decisions to drive revenue and ROI with the help of powerful digital analytics for marketing
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    Sentiment Analysis

    We offer innovative digital enterprise analytics solutions to enable businesses to deliver contextual experiences across channels and customer touchpoints.

    • Our proprietary algorithms and a skilled analytics team ensure that any problem, no matter how big or small, is solved in a prompt and efficient fashion
    • Our digital enterprise analytics solutions use NLP and machine learning to assign weighted sentiment scores to different entities within a category
    • Track customer sentiments and analyze your brand’s perception based on online interactions, data trails, and social data
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    Voice of Customer Analytics

    We can help you gain deeper insights into customer pain points and unearth valuable information that can help you differentiate offerings from that of your competitors.

    • Translate your omnichannel Voice of the Customer (VoC) into business intelligence that can empower you to achieve your desired business outcomes using advanced digital analytics for marketing
    • Leverage enterprise digital analytics solutions to gain a connected view of customers and prioritize initiatives based on customer needs and business impact
    • Gain insights into customer preferences, problems and improve customer experiences across all touchpoints using enterprise digital analytics solutions

Why choose Quantzig as your next digital enterprise analytics solutions provider?

Domain knowledge and learning-driven mindset

Quantzig is one of the world’s fastest-growing enterprise data analytics solutions providers, committed to offering innovative analytics solutions to help organizations institutionalize data-driven decision making and tackle complex business challenges.

Cutting-edge digital enterprise analytics solutions

Our digital enterprise analytics solutions leverage the latest statistical approaches and platforms and deliver it to you through an agile approach that’ll help you accelerate your journey from data to decisions.

Flexible white box enterprise data analytics solutions

The digital enterprise analytics solutions developed by Quantzig are flexible enough to accommodate the evolution of digital analytics for marketing through dynamic changes in your business models.

Innovative techniques that accommodate cross-domain pollination

We use the latest approaches and leverage enterprise digital analytics for marketing across fields such as statistics, operations research, and systems thinking and cross-pollinate the solutions across industries.

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