Campaign and Promotion Analytics

Leverage analytics to gauge campaign success and take corrective actions to make the most of your marketing spend.

Marketing campaigns and promotions are of strategic importance for businesses globally, especially for e-commerce companies looking to drive marketing return on investments (MROI). However, satisfactory response rates from such marketing campaigns have traditionally been a challenge. To add to their woes, e-commerce companies are constantly challenged by dynamic consumer behaviors and the ongoing need to position customized communications as an essential ingredient of business interactions. Hence, delivering meaningful campaign and promotions related message in the short window of opportunity that the customers provide when they interact with the organization has become crucial to marketing success.

Through its innovative solutions, Quantzig helps businesses tackle these challenges by focusing exclusively on effective and efficient campaign workflow management. Our campaign analytics solutions help you extract more value from the campaign and promotions management process by leveraging analytics at strategic points in the marketing campaign value chain. Backed by advanced campaign analytics frameworks and quantitative analytics, our solutions ensure decisions on campaigns and promotions are made to provide intelligent interactions with customers in real-time.

Core Capabilities

Campaign Planning and Scheduling Optimization

As businesses seek to respond rapidly to changing customer needs and reach their target audiences over various channels, campaign and promotions planning cycles continue to get shorter and more time-bound. Hence, there is a pressing need to address market needs and plan your campaigns accordingly.

Campaign planning begins with the end-goal in mind and revolves around the need to offer an authentic brand experience across all channels and devices. Our innovative campaign analytics solutions leverage analytics and strategic thinking to help businesses plan and optimize their campaigns through multi-channel execution and effective analysis.

Campaign Effectiveness Optimization

Gathering real-time, configurable insights around marketing campaign effectiveness across all channels including, digital, mobile, traditional, and emerging platforms, requires analytical thinking and advanced data management frameworks.

Quantzig’s campaign analytics solutions help businesses measure, validate, and optimize audiences across the entire marketing value chain. Our analytics prowess and ability to think strategically enable businesses to reach coveted audiences, measure brand lift, and understand the real impact of their advertising campaigns as a measure of campaign effectiveness.

Campaign Response and Conversion Tracking

Low campaign response rates and dynamic customer behavior have been a major challenge for marketers across sectors. An increasing number of businesses today seek new strategies to drive response and track conversion rates of promotional campaigns.

At Quantzig, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of campaign analytics solutions that help reduce conversion tracking costs and complexities. Drawing on our rich analytics expertise, we leverage robust campaign management and response measurement practices to drive continuous improvement. Moreover, our client-centric engagement models deliver flexibility and cost benefits and minimize the need to make significant upfront investments.

Campaign ROI Analysis

Gauging campaign success is becoming crucial as marketers are increasingly expected to justify marketing expenditures. But due to the shortcomings in processes, technology, and analytics capabilities, businesses generally find it challenging to calculate MROI in ways that will enable them to justify marketing spend.

Quantzig’s campaign analytics solutions help measure the actual revenue apart from response rates and cost per response. With detailed campaign performance insights and ROI reporting solutions, business leaders can optimize marketing campaigns to drive measurable improvements in campaign results, align campaigns with broader organizational goals, and drive marketing ROI.

Targeted Campaign and Promotions Analysis

Given the rise in consumerism, targeted campaigns and promotions play an essential role in creating brand awareness, driving customer engagement, and improving sales growth. However, to drive sustainable sales, leveraging the right targeting techniques is crucial. One of the key challenges to targeted campaigns revolves around identifying market segments that hold potential customers for their products.

Our portfolio of campaign analytics solutions leverages machine learning algorithms and prediction modeling techniques to build targeted promotional campaigns and analyze responses by making precise recommendations across all marketing channels.

Organizations spend an average of 10% of their annual revenues on marketing. Hence, gauging the effectiveness and success of their campaigns and promotions becomes crucial from a business perspective. Companies that fail to measure the success rate of their promotional campaigns often lack visibility into problem areas that could adversely impact the success of their campaign and promotions.

Quantzig offers holistic, insight-driven, closed-loop campaign analytics solutions that enable businesses to achieve performance breakthroughs and become more accountable and customer-centric.

Our industry-leading campaign analytics solutions empower clients to acquire more profitable customers, cross-sell and up-sell more effectively, retain valuable customers, and drive superior marketing return on investment.

Request a free proposal to learn how our campaign and promotions analytics solutions can help you seamlessly integrate data, monitor campaigns, gauge success, and take corrective steps to get the most out of your marketing spend.

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