Price Benchmarking Solutions

Master the art of price benchmarking and develop high impact pricing strategies to drive sales.

The e-Commerce ecosystem is dynamic and highly competitive, with pricing being an important lever to drive bottom-line growth. Therefore, e-Commerce companies must keep a constant pulse on their competitors’ pricing strategies to gain an edge and boost sales. The application of pricing intelligence as a pillar of its commercial pricing strategy helps businesses anticipate price fluctuations and adjust their prices to meet market and customer demands.

By leveraging advanced pricing analytics, advanced methodologies, and data management solutions, Quantzig aims to help its clients transform price benchmarks into strategic insights that solve complex business problems. By offering innovative price benchmarking solutions, we help e-Commerce businesses find new opportunities to drive sales and bottom-line growth through optimal pricing.

Core Capabilities

Promotional Pricing Strategy

Being one of the most critical levers for driving sales, promotional pricing strategies aim to reduce the cost of specific products by a predefined percentage for a limited duration. Though it helps maintain ongoing purchases from price-sensitive buyers, promotion pricing is generally intended to bring in customers, drive revenue and cash flow.

Our price benchmarking solutions not only help our clients evaluate the impact the previous promotional pricing had on the market but also help simulate various scenarios, benchmark prices, and identify the best-suited strategy for improving sales outcomes. Our advanced promotional pricing strategies enable our clients to optimize their budget allocations and ROI.

Price Compliance Tracking

To drive market growth, businesses must comply with various region-based pricing compliance requirements. Failure to comply with the global pricing regulations can prove to be costly.

Quantzig’s innovative price benchmarking solutions leverage business intelligence and analytics solutions to set up compliance tracking dashboards that empower businesses to monitor and track price compliance issues. Our solutions also help detect and tackle internal biases that might exist in the eco-system.

Price Change Alert Automation

In today’s dynamic e-Commerce eco-system, customers often make a purchase decision based on their budget and the best offer available to them. Price change alert automation is a powerful tool that can drive sales by significantly shortening the revenue realization period by nudging the customer towards the purchase.

Quantzig, through innovative price benchmarking solutions, offers a highly customized yet scalable and cost-efficient framework for price change alert automation for e-tailers looking to enhance their price positioning in online channels. Endorsed by some of the world’s leading Fortune 500 businesses, we empower e-Commerce retailers to react quickly to competitor sales strategies while helping brands anticipate price wars within their distribution channel.

As more businesses foray into the e-Commerce retail space, challenges around product positioning, price benchmarking, and price tracking are expected to curtail their growth margins.

Quantzig’s in-depth technical knowledge and expertise in price benchmarking can help businesses leverage custom-built solutions to address the issues around pricing with advanced industry-leading analytics capabilities.

Our industry-leading price benchmarking solutions help clients benchmark prices for a wide array of product and service offerings based on competitor pricing strategies. We leverage our pricing analytics expertise to uncover the drivers of pricing variations and guide the pricing decisions of clients from various industry segments.

Request a free proposal to learn how our price benchmarking solutions can help you gain a leading edge by better understanding the impact of pricing on sales and bottom-line growth.

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