HR Analytics

Enabling businesses forecast workforce requirements and improve operational performance

How our HR analytics solutions help clients

Our HR analytics solutions help companies utilize their employee data to make better decisions about their workforce and improve overall operational performance. QuantZig’s HR analytics solutions empower organizations to align HR metrics with strategic business goals by helping them acquire the right talent, accurately forecast future staffing needs and improve employee performance and satisfaction.

Key benefits we provide

Reduction in cost of Identifying and Recruiting Employees
Decrease in Employee Attrition
Improved Business Performance
Improvement in Employee Satisfaction
Increase in Productivity
Prevent Financial Loss

What do we offer?

Leveraging our expertise in a wide range of machine learning and statistical techniques, our attrition modelling solutions will help HR executives identify factors for attrition and  create strategies to reduce attrition related costs and retain efficient employees.

Solutions we provide

Employee Attrition Modelling
Employee Segmentation
KPIs and Benchmarks
Employee Satisfaction
Employee Sentiment
Employee Loyalty

Using appropriate data analytics tools, we offer effective HR analytics solutions that will help organizations and HR managers measure employee performance and plan performance and rewards programs based on ROI.

Solutions we provide

KPIs and Benchmarks
Employee Productivity
Employee Satisfaction

Employing predictive analytics and forecasting the business’ need for new employees, we offer talent acquisition analytics services that will help recruiters reduce the time- to-recruit new candidates and stay flexible based changing needs of the organization.

Solutions we provide

Employee Profiling
Employee Segmentation
Recruitment Profile Selection

Introduction to our HR analytics case studies

people analytics

Employee Productivity Analytics Improves Employee Satisfaction and Prevents Financial Loss for a Leading Retailer

Business Challenge: A leading retailer wanted us to analyze their employee turnover problem and develop an analytics-based solution to aid in retaining employees.

Situation: With employees leaving the company in a very short duration, the client had to incur high recruitment costs and endure revenue losses due to reduced productivity. They wanted a complete HR analytics solution that would identify the factors that increase employee turnover rate and provide an in-depth analysis of their turnover problem.

Impact: By integrating data from the client’s HR and ERP systems, we accurately identified factors influencing employees to leave the organization and also business KPIs that helped the client assess employee performance. Our solution also helped the client reduce churn and improve employee satisfaction and productivity.

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Improving Employee Satisfaction for a Leading Player in the Logistics Sector

Business Challenge: A leading logistics service provider wanted to improve the satisfaction level of their employees across various countries.

Situation: The client was facing issues with the satisfaction levels of employees. Since employee performance would directly impact the efficiency of their business, they wanted to understand the reasons behind dipping satisfaction levels and take corrective measures.

Impact: Using a blended approach of online, F2F, and telephonic interviews with decision-makers, we conducted a survey followed by an in-depth data analysis. With an understanding of what the employees value, our predictive analytics solutions helped the client improve its employee management program, in turn, enhancing employee satisfaction and business performance.

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