Compensation and Benefits Analytics

Allocate compensation budgets and effectively manage costs to drive organizational growth and success.

Today it is imperative for organizations to make strategic decisions about the reimbursement policies and benefits they offer as part of their employee compensation package. And to continually drive business value, it’s crucial to ensure that the compensation and benefits offered to employees motivate them to achieve the business goals, gain acceptance from decision-makers, and send the right message to the masses. But finding the right balance between compensation and benefits is where the challenge lies in most cases. That’s where Quantzig’s analytics-driven compensation and benefits solutions can help.

Having worked with leading businesses across industries, we understand the predicaments in developing a balanced compensation and benefits plan. Our solutions aim to drive value by delivering custom-built analytics solutions with advanced capabilities that align compensation and benefits programs with a business’s talent and corporate strategy and the marketplace needs. As such, our solutions offer an array of benefits linked to various stages of a company’s lifecycle, including M&As, divestitures, right-sizing, and general reformation.

Core Capabilities

Compensation Benchmarking and Design

Employee compensation contributes significantly to building a strong workforce and is also one of the highest overhead costs of an organization. As employers strive to get it right, it’s crucial to incorporate reliable compensation data into their decisions to design and establish pay levels aligned with both market standards and the company’s viewpoint.

Quantzig’s compensation and benefits benchmarking capabilities cover various aspects of employee management, including employee satisfaction, providing clients a road map to understanding the connections between business goals, employee needs, and compensation design.

Benefits Penetration Analysis

Designing an employee benefits plan and ensuring its done right involves alignment between several aspects including, planning, technology selection, payroll deductions, open enrollment, and compliance to the affordable care act. And that’s what Quantzig’s compensation and benefits solutions intend to do.

Designed to offer an intuitive experience, our solutions simplify the process of comparing and analyzing the benefits offered to employees. Most importantly, our integrated team of HR analytics experts help businesses explore opportunities to transform their benefits programs by identifying new incentives opportunities, building employee management plans, and exploring concepts that provide a cost-efficient return on the investments.

Compensation Impact Analysis

Understanding the implications of decisions around employee compensation and benefits is essential in today’s competitive business world. But conducting an impact analysis to do so can be a challenge for most companies due to the costs and complexities of obtaining and evaluating data.

Quantzig helps businesses perform compensation impact analysis, offering insights into compensation plans, including pay philosophies, strategies, positioning, and base pay and incentive design to analyze how their plans play out in reality in terms of financial returns and organizational impact. By helping our clients address their issues and understand the impact of their compensation programs, we empower them to make the right decisions to help move their business forward.

Using data to stay up to date on HR trends and build innovative strategies to align compensations and benefits with your organization’s culture is crucial in securing its current and future talent needs. Quantzig’s advanced HR analytics capabilities have helped business leaders in this process, enabling them to tackle all compensation and benefits management challenges by devising effective plans and strategies.

Our HR analytics experts can work with your organization to perform an in-depth analysis of market data and leverage those insights to optimize employee compensation and benefits.

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