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Employee acquisition analytics refers to the systematic discovery of meaningful patterns in data to support recruitment and onboarding decisions. Today, businesses are recruiting workforce in an increasingly complex and competitive employee acquisition environment — one that requires process intelligence and advanced analytics to succeed. Quantzig’s quantitative employee acquisition solutions help draw insights from your existing people and company data to better assess what makes an employee successful, how to identify the right candidates, and what makes your company appealing to potential future employees. Our solutions play a crucial role in the quest to source and acquire new talent which is a perfect match to fill the talent gap.


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Leverage employee acquisition analytics to derive tangible insights and business value from data

Today’s vast and widely spread business processes across industries call for improving efficiency and business value by leveraging the available information. Advanced employee acquisition analytics plays a crucial role in employee acquisition and can potentially increase workforce quality by reducing the impact of selection biases. Also, it's crucial to note that the advances in data mining and pattern recognition enable best-fit recommendations to derive tangible insights from data.

Quantzig’s Employee Acquisition Analytics Capabilities

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    Employee Profiling

    Advanced technology offers integrated systems that close the loop between performance data and the recruiting process, enabling recruiters to identify the best-fit performer and facilitating the appointment of similar talent by leveraging success templates built from success profiles of top performers. Our employee acquisition analytics solutions embrace a comprehensive approach to profiling that provides you with the information you need to put your staff in positions that will help your organization become successful.

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    Recruitment Profile Selection

    Back in the day, recruiting was primarily dependent on the instinct of the employer. However, in today’s dynamic environment that requires diverse talents, employee profiling for recruitment has become increasingly complex and challenging. Poor candidate qualification can produce unqualified job applicants, result in a lack of diversity, or may even result in employee churn. Leverage Quantzig’s employee acquisition analytics solutions to co-relate employee demographics, past performance and behavior traits and determine the profile who is likely to be successful within the organization.

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    Diversity Compliance Tracking

    Diversity is a many-layered metric, encompassing workforce composition, compensation levels, and hiring trend. Therefore, tracking diversity compliance metrics is equally complex but at the same time very essential for productivity. Quantzig’s advanced employee acquisition analytics solutions backed by visually impactful reports make it easier for companies to track their adherence to diversity goals and evaluate the performance of different groups across the employee’s lifecycle. Leverage our employee acquisition analytics solutions to build a successful organization where employees feel fairly treated, making them more loyal, hard-working, a promoter of your company among their social circles that exudes a sense of community & belonging for the organization.

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