Employee Turnover Analysis

Gain complete visibility into the employee lifecycle and identify critical factors driving employee attrition.

A critical issue facing organizations today revolves around employee attrition. Organizations that adopt a systematic approach to manage and tackle employee turnover will stand a greater chance of weathering such talent shortages. To address this issue, businesses must anticipate impending shortages of overall talent and a shortfall of employees with the specialized competencies needed to stay ahead of the competition.

Quantzig, through its employee turnover analysis methodologies, brings proven approaches and data management frameworks that aid the management of employee attrition. Our solutions are powered by advanced statistical modeling techniques like cluster analysis, linear regression, neural networks, and decision trees that aid in attrition rate calculation and employee churn prediction. Leveraging these solutions will help businesses adopt a more futuristic approach that aims to drive business excellence.

Core Capabilities

Employee Segmentation

Several challenges, including workforce diversity, talent shortages, and talent management, have impacted business growth globally. With human resources becoming more accountable for driving business growth through effective talent management, employee segmentation has empowered business leaders to optimize employee management practices, resource allocation, and investments.

Quantzig’s employee turnover analysis capabilities cover various aspects of employee management, including employee segmentation, employee journey mapping, service design, and personalization, providing clients a road map to understanding the critical connections between business goals, employee needs, and competitive labor markets.

Employee KPI and Benchmarks

Accurate tracking of employee performance metrics is the key to evaluating employee performance. But the complex nature of datasets makes it difficult to benchmark employees across departments and verticals, especially when performance analysis is performed at an organizational level.

We offer robust, visually interactive employee turnover analysis solutions that can help identify the right set of employee KPIs and benchmarks to build high-performing teams. Our analytics-based data dashboarding and reporting capabilities empower clients to slice and dice employee data by different KPIs and built-in benchmarks to gauge performance and identify trends.

Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction translates into tangible efforts that inevitably lead to a company’s increased profitability and success. Focusing on employee engagement programs can help build a company culture, where employees are encouraged to give their best, efforts are recognized, retention is high, and the overall satisfaction levels are conducive to great results.

Quantzig’s employee turnover analysis experts help businesses perform advanced analysis on the drivers of employee engagement, attrition, and satisfaction. Using such an approach to analyze what employees like and dislike about their experience can help build effective performance management systems and retention programs while keeping a pulse on your workforce.

Employee Sentiment Analysis

Businesses today have access to huge volumes of employee data. A detailed analysis of these data sets can offer a holistic view of workforce sentiments, including insights on the work environment, the root cause of issues, or even the drivers of employee attrition. But unlocking insights requires expanding the boundaries of traditional business intelligence (BI) systems and adopting a systematic approach that combines statistical modeling and rule-based natural language processing to extract and analyze employee sentiments in real-time.

Quantzig, through employee turnover analysis, enables businesses to interpret employee data to analyze the positive and negative sentiments in relation to a new policy, change in management practices, or company culture.

Employee Loyalty

Employees are key business drivers because strong brand engagement and dedication can create an enthralling experience for your clients, leading to productive business environments. Hence, the ability to attract and retain a loyal workforce and understand the root causes of employee turnover are strategic objectives for every organization.

Our predictive employee turnover analysis solutions cover various aspects of employee management, including employee loyalty to help businesses merge employee data from diverse sources to interpret employee behavior and gain operational insights that offer a competitive vision for improving employee loyalty.

The economic slowdown has impacted organizations in every possible way. Hence businesses are seeking newer ways to retain employees and optimize talent with limited budgets and resources.  Quantzig’s advanced HR analytics capabilities have helped leading business leaders in this process, enabling them to tackle employee turnover by devising an effective retention management plan.

Our HR analytics experts can work with your organization to perform an in-depth employee turnover analysis and leverage those insights to optimize employee engagement and retention.

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