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Unleash the true power of employee performance analytics to accurately measure & benchmark performance across the organization


Align data, workforce, and goals to drive positive business outcomes

A successful performance analytics strategy provides near real-time performance insights that help in providing timely feedback and improvement opportunities to employees. By leveraging employee performance analytics solutions, organizations can drive performance through better learning and improved employee engagement. Our performance analytics solutions enable organizations to seamlessly transform into a goal-oriented business culture by adopting an analytics-driven approach based on true business performance.


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Supercharge your existing workforce analytics investments using employee performance analytics

Understanding your employees is just as important as understanding your customers. Identifying strengths and areas for improvement within your people will ensure you make the most out of your current teams and investments. Our employee performance analytics solutions examine the hiring, training, and overall performance of your employees to inspire the best performance from your workforce. Leveraging employee performance analytics can help enterprises to enhance workforce performance by architecting a digital workplace that supports increasingly diverse roles and needs, augmented with an immersive and coherent analytical approach.

Quantzig’s Employee Performance Analytics Capabilities

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    Employee Productivity

    Analyzing and improving workforce productivity is critical for companies operating in a highly competitive environment. As businesses shift to a networked team-based structure, analyzing employee productivity becomes both more important and complex. Through our employee performance analytics solutions, we help our clients to leverage the potential of their workforce to the maximum extent through a more productivity-centered work environment that can deliver better business outcomes.

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    Employee Performance Metrics

    Organizations establish employee performance management systems to meet three broad purposes- strategic, administrative, and developmental. The basic objective of all these purposes revolves around effective performance management to help businesses achieve their business objectives. With the use of right employee performance metrics, organizations can not only track and monitor employee performance but can easily identify trends and drive continual improvements across the organization through timely feedback sharing.

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