Employee Performance Analytics

Establish performance benchmarks and evaluate employee performance using advanced analytics.


Understanding employees is just as important as understanding your customers. Because understanding employees and identifying improvement areas within the workforce will ensure you make the most of your current investments. But unfortunately, for businesses, this is where the biggest challenge lies. Quantzig helps you set new benchmarks and cascade employee performance to the individual level, where roles, responsibilities, contributions, and KPIs are clearly understood.

Our employee performance analytics solutions examine the hiring, training, and overall performance of employees to inspire the best performance from your workforce. Leveraging employee performance analytics can help businesses enhance workforce performance by architecting a digital workplace augmented with an immersive and coherent analytical approach to support increasingly diverse roles.  These insights can also help identify top performers, create corrective plans to support under-performers, and identify improvement areas, helping you build a performance-focused work culture.

Core Capabilities

Employee Productivity

One of the most important and difficult to gauge metrics- employee productivity is a key criterion in determining the engagement and gauging the performance levels of employees. But since productivity is directly proportional to business growth, it becomes extremely crucial for businesses to invest in this field of analytics to assess the performance of individual employees.

Quantzig’s holistic portfolio of employee performance analytics solutions aims to help businesses maximize their workforce’s potential by building a more productive work environment to deliver better business outcomes.

Employee Performance Metrics

Building a workforce that clearly understands the strategic goals of your businesses and realigns course as business needs evolve is the ultimate aim of every organization. Quantzig, through its employee performance analytics solutions, helps align your strategy and end goals while improving workforce performance through continuous monitoring and analysis of performance metrics.

Using advanced employee performance analytics dashboards, organizations can track and monitor employee performance metrics, quickly identify trends, and drive continual improvements across the organization through timely feedback sharing.

The uncertain economic and political environments demand businesses to fine-tune their workforce management decisions. Quantzig makes this possible for its clients by empowering them with smart, data-driven insights to answer questions about their workforce and optimize the outcomes using advanced employee performance analytics.

Quantzig delivers comprehensive dashboards, along with logical, analytical workflows and frameworks that deliver insights to build a performance-driven business culture.

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