Capacity Planning

Make smart, data-driven decisions to optimize capacity plans and drive measurable outcomes.

Delivering on the promise of meeting manufacturing demands, reduced lead times, OTIF delivery, and optimized inventories require businesses to adapt to new trends and devise strategies to stay in tune with dynamic customer demands. However, this isn’t an easy task given the volatility and competition in today’s markets. To meet market needs and optimize production capacities, it’s essential for businesses to continually review their capacity plans to ensure maximum resource usage, including equipment and workforce, to the best possible advantage.

Quantzig aims to help businesses make effective use of all resources through advanced capacity planning solutions. Our capacity planning solutions leverage big data, NLP, machine learning, and predictive analytics to empower your teams with the ability to identify resource bottlenecks, capacity constraints, and prevent machine downtime. These insights, coupled with data dashboarding and reporting capabilities, enable businesses to quickly establish performance thresholds, analyze current resource capacity, and forecast future resource requirements.

Core Capabilities

Capacity Forecasting

Manufacturers today face several challenges and relentless pressures when it comes to improving operations. The challenges include globalization and market volatility that are forcing facilities in developing economies to compete with the capacity standards of those in developed economies. Capacity forecasting attempts to align the capacity standards with the fluctuating demand patterns to ensure businesses meet the dynamic needs of a complex marketplace.

Our capacity forecasting solutions are developed by subject matter experts who possess the technical know-how and in-depth knowledge of market needs. Using rich data inputs, advanced capacity modeling and analytics expertise, and ‘what-if’ analysis, we deliver accurate capacity dimensioning insights, helping our clients identify production bottlenecks, optimize resource utilization, and expand manufacturing capacities to cater to the growing market needs.

What-if Scenario Planning

In today’s complex business world, creating alternate capacity plans is essential but challenging. Analyzing what-if scenarios to create capacity plans that meet both short and long-term demands is key to tackle this challenge.

By conducting an in-depth analysis of demand forecasts, resource bottlenecks, and capacity standards, Quantzig can help you devise an optimal capacity plan while also providing the much-needed insights into costs and resource requirements. Besides, our data dashboarding and advanced capacity planning capabilities also enable clients to analyze different scenarios and gauge the impact of demand fluctuations on resources to prioritize production schedules based on market needs, cost, and several other factors that impact demand.

Quantzig’s advanced capacity planning solutions aim to align the expected capacity standards with the fluctuating demand patterns so as to ensure businesses are able to meet the dynamic needs of a complex marketplace and enabling them to identify bottlenecks, pre-empt issues, and optimize resource utilization.

With experience spanning the entire manufacturing and production value chain, our analytics experts possess the skills and capabilities to help you leverage capacity planning to meet the fluctuating demands in today’s complex markets.

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