Predictive Maintenance

Predict issues and deploy countermeasures to tackle machine downtime and prevent catastrophes.

Unexpected events such as machine failures that lead to catastrophic outcomes are costly learning experiences with far-reaching consequences. Such occurrences are usually caused by technical errors or contamination of the electrical installations that result in machine breakdowns. Quantzig can help manufacturers address this issue by offering real-time insights into machine health through failure root-cause analysis to avoid breakdowns and unscheduled outages while also providing actionable insights for predictive maintenance.

Quantzig provides manufacturers with a robust solution for maintenance through an end-to-end predictive maintenance solutions portfolio. Our solutions leverage advanced technologies such as natural language processing and machine learning enabling businesses to analyze data from various sources, including machines, sensors, and maintenance logs, to reduce costs, maximize machine uptime, and enhance product quality.

Core Capabilities

Maintenance Scheduling Optimization

Predictive maintenance scheduling is a crucial aspect of the business agenda of all asset-intensive manufacturing facilities. Creating an optimal predictive maintenance schedule is challenging and is best tackled using the combined power of machine learning, NLP, and decision optimization. While machine learning takes into account sensor data to predict the likelihood of failure, decision optimization takes it a step further. It helps generate an optimal schedule for maintenance subject to limited resources, constraints and dependencies, and other optimization metrics. 

Quantzig’s maintenance scheduling optimization solutions help businesses reduce reactive maintenance and maintenance backlogs. Not only does scheduling optimization offer valuable insights, but it also generates an actionable schedule to prevent machine downtime while also assisting you in efficiently allocating resources.

Production Line Efficiency Optimization

Smart manufacturing is the primary goal of all digital transformation initiatives for manufacturing companies, where the deployment of technology helps businesses gain control over machines. Though there are myriad ways in which a production line’s data can be analyzed, improving production efficiency and determining the optimum deployment of sensors for driving effective goal-oriented results is quite challenging.

Quantzig’s production line efficiency optimization solutions are designed to help you maneuver these challenges and cost-effectively improve production outcomes. Our analytics capabilities, combined with data visualizations, enable businesses to plan production cycles and increase productivity while cutting down costs and resource wastages.

Our predictive maintenance solutions span the entire spectrum of analytics, including data management, strategy development, BI implementation, business process optimization, predictive analytics, and execution to help clients drive positive outcomes using machine data.

Quantzig possesses the unique capabilities to combine in-depth knowledge and understanding of predictive maintenance operations with the digital technologies shaping the future of the manufacturing industry.

Our analytics experts can guide and support you along the way, irrespective of whether you’re just getting started or looking to redefine your predictive maintenance approach. Request a free proposal to know more about our analytics capabilities.

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