Production Forecasting

Estimate the future demand for products, identify opportunities, forecast raw material requirements for production, predict future customer buying habits, and optimize inventory levels while meeting customer expectations.

Production forecasting enables businesses to predict the demand for products based on market and customer needs. It allows companies to ensure they maintain the right stock levels required to fulfill consumer needs. Production forecasting plays a crucial role in decision making across processes like production planning, inventory optimization, purchasing raw materials, managing funds, and product pricing. It also enables companies to improve customer satisfaction, reduce inventory stock-outs, and lower safety stock requirements.

Quantzig’s production forecasting solutions embody inventory replenishment and forecasting. Our production forecasting solutions help companies analyze, manage, and benchmark production forecasting strategies.

Core Capabilities

Demand and Capacity Planning

Optimal demand and capacity planning helps companies monitor and improve their inventory management and simplify the logistics value chain. With obsolete demand forecasting processes, businesses had to rely solely on historical patterns of demand to plan production needs. However, analytics-based capacity planning strategies help companies gain better visibility into factors affecting their supply chain and provide actionable insights relevant to actual scenarios.

Quantzig offers demand forecasting solutions that enable the supply chain, sales, product, manufacturing, and finance teams to collaborate to create accurate demand and capacity plans in minutes instead of days. We help leading businesses improve their forecast accuracy through our customized demand management solutions, enhance service levels, manage portfolios, and maximize return on planning efforts. Our solutions also enable companies to increase forecast accuracy, improve service levels, and increase productivity.

Workflow Management

An optimal supply value chain has seamless coordination between all processes — logistics, production, warehousing, regulatory compliance, etc., which leads to increased efficiency and higher profit margins. With different process heads managing these functions, structured collaboration becomes challenging. This is where workflow management comes into the picture. Businesses largely depend on a reliable and efficient workflow process to maintain productivity levels, meet customer needs, and ensure sustainable business growth. One minor inefficiency in the workflow can disrupt the entire supply value chain – from production to customer satisfaction, leading to huge losses.

 Quantzig’s advanced workflow management solutions enable all supply chain processes of a company to interact with each other seamlessly, exchange information, and make informed decisions leading to increased efficiency across the value chain, identification and elimination of bottlenecks, and improved customer satisfaction levels.

Demand forecasting, demand planning, capacity planning, demand management, and dynamic capacity optimization are all required to balance the investment in infrastructure while maintaining the QoS required for business growth and ongoing success. Our end-to-end demand and capacity planning solutions are designed to address the complexities of today’s global consumer-driven marketplace. From planning to delivery, these game-changing, analytics-driven solutions can help you reduce costs, increase profitability, and improve collaboration across the supply network.

Our production forecasting solutions help companies to ensure fluidity and efficiency across all touchpoints in the value chain.

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