Analyze Marketing Data and Gain Meaningful Insights with Marketing Analytics Solutions

Identify inefficiencies and opportunities in your marketing activities, and drive higher conversions with sound insights


Gain a holistic view of the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing spend

As product commoditization and standardization of services continue to fuel the radical shift towards an analytics-driven culture— marketing spend is poised to continue its unprecedented rise. Most businesses haven’t figured out the best way to get the maximum benefit from their marketing expenditures, but they must do so by leveraging marketing analytics solutions that help increase their marketing effectiveness and efficiency and realize better returns on their marketing spend. Our marketing analytics solutions can help you reduce maverick spend on marketing campaigns, identify irrelevant marketing channels, generate more qualified leads, and improve the efficiency of the overall sales.

Optimize marketing campaigns and make better decisions to improve MROI

To gain a front-line advantage in today’s complex business scenario leading companies are transforming sales and marketing models to support the new, dynamic business requirements. Our marketing analytics solutions help organizations to evaluate the success of their marketing initiatives. Through our marketing analytics solutions, we help companies to integrate data across all marketing channels and consolidate it into a common marketing view that provides invaluable assistance in driving marketing efforts forward.

Unlock hidden insights and identify the right marketing mix using marketing analytics dashboards

Our marketing analytics solutions do more than allowing you to simulate different marketing scenarios. Using integrated artificial intelligence and powerful statistical techniques, our analytics dashboards automatically generate a recommended marketing mix, designed to optimize your revenue, profit, customers or other metrics in the relevant area. Businesses can leverage these insights to create insightful reports by tracking key marketing metrics (KPIs), spotting trends on website traffic, CTR, CPC, conversion rate, and much more.

Solution Portfolio – Marketing Analytics

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    Marketing Mix Modeling

    Employing experts with a clear understanding of the clients’ industry, we offer customized market mix modeling solutions that help businesses to gain accurate insights on the ROI of their marketing efforts, understand the impact of changing their marketing strategies, and measure the effectiveness of various marketing channels.

    • Quantzig’s portfolio of marketing analytics solutions help identify the right marketing mix to meet to ever-growing needs of the customers
    • Use statistical and analytical tools to quantify the impact of past marketing decisions and predict future sales impact for different marketing spend scenarios
    • Effectively manage your marketing mix strategies with multi-channel performance metrics

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    Campaign Analytics

    While there is a multitude of campaign management tools in the market, almost all of them focus exclusively on effective and efficient management of the marketing campaign workflow. But for you to extract more value from the marketing campaigns, you need to leverage analytics at strategic points in the marketing campaign value chain. Exercising our expertise in using advanced analytical techniques, we at Quantzig offer end-to-end campaign analytics services from planning and budgeting marketing campaigns to evaluating campaign success, which will help businesses effectively allocate marketing budgets and reduce customer acquisition costs.

    • Our marketing analytics solutions embed analytics in the ‘plan’ and ‘appraise’ phases of the decision cycle for campaigns
    • Leverage analytics for performance appraisal of campaigns to create better predictions and faster learning curves than traditional rule-based metrics or KPIs
    • Demonstrate a strong understanding of key business metrics and use those metrics to better organize tracking

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    Attribution Modeling

    We assist clients to identify digital marketing channels that drive the most conversions through our multi-channel attribution modeling services that help gauge the success of each channel and enables our clients to allocate budgets accordingly.

    • Leverage sophisticated mathematical modeling combined with machine-learning and algorithmic decision making to optimize spend
    • Quantify successful marketing efforts and their impact on business objectives using advanced marketing analytics solutions
    • We can help you optimize ad placements across digital channels such as search, display, and social platforms

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Why choose Quantzig as your next marketing analytics solutions provider?

Domain knowledge and learning-driven mindset

Quantzig is among the world’s fastest-growing marketing analytics solutions providers, committed to offering cutting edge marketing analytics solutions to help organizations institutionalize data-driven decision making and tackle complex business challenges.

Agile, robust, and cutting-edge marketing analytics models

Our marketing analytics solutions leverage the latest statistical approaches and platforms and delivers it to you through an agile approach that’ll help you accelerate your journey from data to decisions.

Flexible white box solutions

The advanced marketing analytics solutions developed by Quantzig are flexible enough to accommodate the evolution of the solution through dynamic changes in your business.

Cross-domain pollination

We use the latest approaches and leverage advanced marketing analytics solutions across fields such as statistics, operations research, and systems thinking and cross-pollinate the solutions across industries.

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