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Leverage Quantzig’s marketing analytics solutions to look for patterns, trends, and insights in your marketing data to understand customer sentiments better. This enables you to increase efficiency and realize better returns on marketing spends. Our solutions also enable our clients to optimize campaign planning and implementation, effectively use multi-channel and omni-channel marketing, increase conversions, and drive maximum brand loyalty.

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How Does Quantzig Work?

Optimze marketing campaigns and make better decisions to improve MROI, get a holistic view of the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing spends, identify the right marketing mix for your brand.

Marketing Mix Modeling

Quantzig’s marketing mix modeling solutions do more than simply allowing you to simulate different marketing scenarios; we use integrated AI and statistical techniques to recommend the optimum marketing mix, designed to give you optimal MROI and conversions. Our solutions also enable you to understand the impact of changing your marketing strategies and create multi-channel performance metrics.

Customer Lifetime Value
Customer Segmentation

Campaign and Promotion Analytics

Quantzig’s advanced marketing analytics solutions enable you to systematically analyze campaign success metrics and optimize them. Our solutions leverage analytics at strategic points in the marketing campaign value chain, from planning and budgeting to evaluation of campaign success, which helps you create better predictions and faster learning curves, and effectively allocate marketing budgets.

Attribution Modeling

Quantzig’s advanced multi-channel attribution modeling solutions enable you to analyze the path to conversion, gauge the success of each marketing channel, derive channels that drive the most conversions, and allocate budgets accordingly.

Action Analytics

FAQs – Marketing Analytics

What exactly is marketing analytics?

To gain a front-line advantage in today’s complex market scenario, organizations are innovating and re-imagining marketing to find unique ways to reach out to their prospective as well as existing customers, and increase profitability and customer loyalty. Marketing analytics helps companies look for patterns, trends, and insights in their marketing data to understand the returns from marketing activities and create better strategies that enhance MROI and marketing performance.

Quantzig’s marketing analytics solutions are customizable and cater to all clients with unique needs and different levels of data dependencies. Our comprehensive portfolio of marketing analytics solutions offers a holistic view of marketing spends by integrating data from different marketing channels and enable you to increase efficiency of marketing activities and realize better returns on marketing spends. Our solutions also help you optimize campaign planning and implementation, effectively use omni-channel marketing, drive maximum brand loyalty and returns, and increase conversions.

What are the different kinds of marketing analytics?

The different types of analytics applicable to marketing are:

Descriptive Analytics – What happened?

Descriptive analytics enables us to analyze real-time and historical data for actionable, intelligent insights explaining how to approach the future. Descriptive analytics helps us find out the reasons behind past successes and failures.

Diagnostic Analytics – Why it happened?

Diagnostic analytics gives us in-depth insights into the reason a particular problem took place – it finds out the why behind it.

Predictive Analytics – What is likely to happen?

Predictive analytics tells us what is likely to happen. It makes use of the findings of diagnostic and descriptive analytics to detect clusters and exceptions and to predict future trends. It is a valuable method of forecasting.

Prescriptive Analytics – What should be done?

Prescriptive Analytics analyzes data to answer the question – what should be done? This type of analytics is characterized by techniques such as graph analysis, simulation, complex event processing, neural networks, recommendation engines, heuristics, and machine learning.

What is marketing analytics in digital marketing?

Marketing analytics in digital marketing enables organizations to understand customer behavior and sentiments, track competition, strengthen content offerings, improve customer experience, engage new audiences, increase marketing ROI, and drive business revenue and growth. This enables organizations to develop unparalleled products and services; it also allows for a unique brand identity and improved brand loyalty.

How does marketing analytics work?
  1. Determine the objective of marketing analytics – Understand the end goal of marketing analytics
  2. Determine a data model and connect data across departments – Connect marketing data with other data sources within the organization, such as sales, finance, digital insights, customer service insights.
  3. Set up the rules and analytics techniques – Choose the models, algorithms, and analytical tools to be used for optimal data analysis
  4. Conduct data analysis and report outcomes via data visualization dashboards – Once the data is collected and clean, and analytical models and techniques are in place, a thorough analysis of data must be done; the insights should be represented via visualization dahsboards which are easy to comprehend
  5. Operationalize the insights and optimize business processes – Implement the insights across all necessary processes and functions and gauge results
What is the purpose of marketing analysis?

Marketing analysis enables organizations to understand customer behavior, analyze competitors, optimize marketing campaigns, increase conversions from marketing activities, and drive MROI and sales.

What is the future of marketing analytics?

With changing customer expectations, marketing becoming more omni-channel and integrated than ever before, and traditional attribution models becoming obsolete, organizations need to establish unified marketing analytics strategies driven by artificial intelligence, automation, and cognitive analytics. These new technologies will enable organizations to optimally engage with their customers across the marketing mix.

How does marketing analytics help your business?

Benefits of marketing analytics:

  1. Cross-channel integration
  2. CLV optimization
  3. Unified view of marketing data from all activities
  4. Campaign optimization in real time with simulated AB testing
  5. Better customer segmentation
  6. Better awareness of customer journey with customer journey analysis
  7. Attribution modeling to optimize conversions
  8. Closed loop data showing exact impact of each marketing activity
  9. Creation of better omni-channel marketing strategies
What is the difference between data analytics & marketing analytics?

Data analytics deals with the extraction and analysis of raw data to obtain intelligent, actionable insights. Marketing analytics is a type of data analytics in which the analysis happens on marketing data, such as customer information, marketing campaign outputs, competitor and market information. Marketing analytics is used by organizations to optimize their marketing strategies and increase MROI, conversions, and profitability while reducing marketing spending.

Which industries can marketing analytics be used?

All industries, both B2B and B2C, can make efficient use of marketing analytics to optimally utilize their marketing spending and increase conversions. The principal industries making use of marketing analytics today are retail and CPG, food and beverage, BFSI, communication and media, automotive, transportation and logistics, healthcare and pharmaceutical, manufacturing.

What is the difference between marketing analytics and customer analytics?

Customer Analytics is a set of processes and technologies that provide organizations with customer insights necessary to contact the right customers, at the right time, with the right messaging. Customer analytics enables organizations to analyze customer data such as customer sentiments, history and identity, web presence, buying patterns, online and offline touchpoints, to understand customers.

Marketing analytics is a set of processes and technologies that enable organizations to assess the success of their marketing activities. Marketing analytics evaluates the performance of a marketing organization using metrics such as MROI, channel attribution, marketing effectiveness, CLV, cost of customer acquisition, conversion rate, social media impact, and more.

How can marketing analytics increase sales?

Marketing analytics is all about making use of vast amounts of structured and unstructured data to derive actionable insights that enable organizations to improve returns from marketing activities. As the ultimate goal of any marketing activity is conversions, marketing analytics leads to increased conversions, higher sales, and more MROI.

What should I do If I need to gauge if marketing analytics solutions work for my organization?

Implement Quantzig’s advanced marketing analytics solutions to solve your complex business challenges at no cost with our 4-week complimentary pilot. This offer bears no hidden clauses and serves as a perfect opportunity to explore our value proposition and gauge organizational synergies.

During the 4-week pilot, you will be working with our advanced analytics experts who leverage the latest advanced analytics and visualization tools and techniques, statistical approaches, and platforms—designed and custom-built to suit your needs to deliver solutions with the power to transform your business.

As product commoditization and standardization of services continue to fuel the radical shift towards an analytics-driven culture— marketing spend is poised to continue its unprecedented rise. Most businesses haven’t figured out the best way to get the maximum benefit from their marketing activities, but they must do so by leveraging marketing analytics solutions that help increase their marketing effectiveness and efficiency and realize better returns on their marketing spend.

Our marketing analytics solutions can help you reduce maverick spend on marketing campaigns, identify relevant marketing channels, generate more qualified leads, improve the efficiency of marketing strategies, and drive conversions and MROI.

Request a free proposal to identify inefficiencies and opportunities in your marketing activities and drive higher conversions with sound insights with the help of Quantzig’s advanced marketing analytics solutions.

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