Top-notch Marketing Analytics Solutions

Implement our advanced marketing analytics solutions to optimize campaigns, increase conversions, and drive MROI.

Do you want to gain multi-channel customer view to optimize your marketing campaigns?

Leverage Quantzig’s marketing analytics solutions to look for patterns, trends, and insights in your marketing data to understand customer sentiments better. This enables you to increase efficiency and realize better returns on marketing spends. Our solutions also enable our clients to optimize campaign planning and implementation, effectively use multi-channel and omni-channel marketing, increase conversions, and drive maximum brand loyalty.

How Does Quantzig Work?

Optimze marketing campaigns and make better decisions to improve MROI, get a holistic view of the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing spends, identify the right marketing mix for your brand.

Marketing Mix Modeling

Quantzig’s marketing mix modeling solutions do more than simply allowing you to simulate different marketing scenarios; we use integrated AI and statistical techniques to recommend the optimum marketing mix, designed to give you optimal MROI and conversions. Our solutions also enable you to understand the impact of changing your marketing strategies and create multi-channel performance metrics.

Customer Lifetime Value
Customer Segmentation

Campaign and Promotion Analytics

Quantzig’s advanced marketing analytics solutions enable you to systematically analyze campaign success metrics and optimize them. Our solutions leverage analytics at strategic points in the marketing campaign value chain, from planning and budgeting to evaluation of campaign success, which helps you create better predictions and faster learning curves, and effectively allocate marketing budgets.

Attribution Modeling

Quantzig’s advanced multi-channel attribution modeling solutions enable you to analyze the path to conversion, gauge the success of each marketing channel, derive channels that drive the most conversions, and allocate budgets accordingly.

Action Analytics

As product commoditization and standardization of services continue to fuel the radical shift towards an analytics-driven culture— marketing spend is poised to continue its unprecedented rise. Most businesses haven’t figured out the best way to get the maximum benefit from their marketing activities, but they must do so by leveraging marketing analytics solutions that help increase their marketing effectiveness and efficiency and realize better returns on their marketing spend.

Our marketing analytics solutions can help you reduce maverick spend on marketing campaigns, identify relevant marketing channels, generate more qualified leads, improve the efficiency of marketing strategies, and drive conversions and MROI.

Request a free proposal to identify inefficiencies and opportunities in your marketing activities and drive higher conversions with sound insights with the help of Quantzig’s advanced marketing analytics solutions.

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