Attribution Modeling

Identify touch points across marketing channels that contribute to conversions using attribution modeling


Accurately assign credit to each of your marketing interactions based on the revenue generated from touchpoints

Customers today have their way of discovering and trusting brands. From organic searches to referrals, to ad clicks and broadcasts there are several touchpoints each of which illuminates the journey of a prospect from a visitor to a loyal customer. Our marketing attribution modeling solutions help businesses to connect the dots between marketing programs and customer acquisition strategies so that they know what works best when it comes to driving revenue.


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Take marketing measurement to the next level by analyzing the path to conversion

Attribution modeling is more than just a scheme to give credit to the addressable channels that lead to conversions. The challenge here lies in interpreting the massive volumes of customer data generated from several touchpoints that continues to expand with every passing day. Our marketing attribution models can be customized to help businesses analyze the impact and business value generated through marketing interactions to make the best marketing investment decisions.

Quantzig’s Attribution Modeling Capabilities

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    Time Decay Attribution Modeling

    Time decay attribution modeling is an example of arbitrary biasing as it subjectively biases the channel weighting toward the most recent touchpoint across the customer journey.

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    Multi Touch Attribution Modelling

    Our multi-touch attribution modeling solutions leverage Hidden Markov and Naïve Bayes models to help you figure out which marketing channels/campaigns should be credited with the conversion, with the ultimate intention of allocating future spend to acquire new customers effectively.

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    Unified Attribution Modelling

    Our approach to unified attribution modeling revolves around leveraging marketing mix modeling and multi-touch attribution modeling to gain a unified version of the truth through a holistic view of data. Adopting a unified approach can also help businesses to gain a better understanding of how multiple factors interact and remove the biases inherent with siloed approaches.

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    Marketing Decision Modelling

    Our attribution modeling solutions leverage advanced marketing decision models that aid decision making and help drive growth. By integrating strategic approaches with the tactical analysis, we help businesses to gain a holistic view of the impact of their marketing decisions.

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