Attribution Modeling

Assign credit for conversions to all marketing touchpoints in the customer conversion path and understand when and how they contribute to the conversion.

Customers today have their way of discovering and trusting brands. From organic searches, referrals, ad clicks, to broadcasts, there are several touchpoints, each of which illuminates the journey of a prospect from a visitor to a loyal customer. Our marketing attribution modeling solutions help businesses connect the dots between marketing programs and customer acquisition strategies so that they know what works best when it comes to driving revenue.

Attribution modeling is more than just a scheme to give credit to the addressable channels that lead to conversions. The challenge here lies in interpreting the massive volumes of customer data generated from several touchpoints that continues to expand with every passing day. Our marketing attribution models are customizable and cater to all clients with unique needs and different levels of data dependencies. Quantzig’s advanced multi-touch attribution modeling solutions enable you to analyze the path to conversion, gauge the success of each marketing channel, derive channels that drive the most conversions, and make the best marketing investment decisions.

Multi-Touch Attribution + Advanced Analytics = Improved Customer Acquisition Strategies + Improved Marketing Performance

Core Capabilities

Multi-Touch Attribution Modeling

Multi-touch attribution uses weighted modeling to allocate credit to the plethora of influential keywords, channels, campaigns, and touchpoints. Multi-touch attribution solutions can track marketing activities across all channels, platforms, and mediums. There are several types of multi-touch attribution models, detailed below. Our advanced analytics experts will gauge the attribution model best suited to your needs and help you assign credit to all touchpoints along the conversion path.

Linear and Time Decay Multi-Touch Attribution Modeling

Linear attribution modeling that gives equal weightage and revenue credit to all touchpoints in the customer conversion path.

Time decay attribution modeling assigns credit to more recent marketing touchpoints, the ones closest to the conversion, as opposed to those earlier in the process.

U- and W-Shaped Multi-Touch Attribution Modeling

U-shaped multi-touch attribution modeling focuses on two key touchpoints and additionally tracks middle touchpoints between the two. This modeling assigns 40% credit to the first and last touchpoint, and the remaining 20% is divided across the middle touchpoints.

W-shaped attribution modeling is similar to U-shaped, but the model includes an additional key touchpoint. The first touch, lead-create touch, and opportunity-create touch collectively receive 90% of the credit (30% to each touchpoint). The remaining middle touchpoints between all three key touchpoints are given the remaining 10% of the credit.

Full-Path Multi-Touch Attribution Modeling

The full-path marketing attribution model also includes the customer-close touchpoint in addition to the three key touchpoints that W-shaped attribution modeling tracks. This includes post-opportunity stage marketing initiatives in the model and incorporates sales activities into the mix, enabling the sales force’s follow up interactions to be measured in sync with touchpoints from marketing activities as well.

Across all funnel stages, 22.5% of the revenue credit for a sale is allocated to each of the key touchpoints. The remaining 10% of the credit is distributed to all the additional touchpoints that assisted in moving the lead down the funnel toward a closed sale. The weighting of this attribution model can also be adjusted to make a custom multi-touch attribution model to fit any organization’s individual reporting needs.

Identify marketing channels that drive the most conversions through with the help of our advanced multi-touch attribution modeling solutions. Our solutions will enable you to gauge the success of each channel and allocate budgets accordingly.

Leverage sophisticated mathematical modeling combined with machine-learning and algorithmic decision-making to optimize marketing spends and increase conversions.

Request a free proposal to learn how you can quantify successful marketing efforts and their impact on business objectives using Quantzig’s advanced attribution modeling solutions.

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