Smart network analytics solutions for the telecommunications industry

Quantzig’s network analytics solutions ensure the delivery of superior network quality through profitable network capacity management and network performance monitoring


Optimize performance and network capacity management using next-gen network analytics solutions

Telecom companies today are forced to analyze complex data sets to better understand subscriber behavior and ensure the delivery of superior network quality. The ever-expanding volumes of data often overpower the capabilities of the existing systems, impacting operational efficiency and network performance. Quantzig’s network analytics solution provides a comprehensive set of customizable graphical dashboards with multi-dimensional reports and well-defined KPIs that provide a complete, view of different network areas, nodes and services.

Maximize network uptime by proactively identifying and resolving network issues

Superior network performance has been clearly identified as a significant factor contributing to market share by improving revenues and boosting brand loyalty within the telecom industry. By introducing an efficient and comprehensive approach to network capacity management and network performance monitoring using Quantzig’s network analytics solutions, telecom service providers will gain un-paralleled access to the most important asset – ‘the information transmitted through their network’.

Gain accurate information and operational insights to optimize network investments & improve CX

Quantzig’s comprehensive portfolio of network analytics solutions is designed to help telecom service providers enhance their daily operations by employing advanced network capacity management and network performance monitoring approaches. It includes the use of advanced analytics solutions that support network capacity planning and traffic management to drive improvements in subscription rates and customer experience.

Solution Portfolio – Network Analytics Solutions

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    Network Utilization & Optimization

    Quantzig empowers organizations to analyze billions of network records in near real-time to obtain actionable insights that help optimize network performance monitoring and network utilization.

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    Bandwidth Analysis

    Quantzig’s network analytics solutions and reporting capabilities can provide you with insights to identify and resolve network bandwidth capacity planning issues across your entire network in near real-time.

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    Capacity planning

    Network capacity management is crucial from a business point of view as it helps report and gauge the network bandwidth requirements. Quantzig’s network analytics solutions that leverage NLP and machine learning make network capacity management a breeze saving you time by offering actionable insights to optimize your network bandwidth needs.

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    Fault Analytics

    Our comprehensive portfolio of network analytics solutions focuses on resolving network problems more quickly by identifying the root cause of symptoms and resolving issues as they arise. Fault analytics also unveils valuable insights that often go overlooked, creating visibility into problematic areas of your network.


Why choose Quantzig as your next network analytics solutions provider?

Domain knowledge and learning-driven mindset

Quantzig is one of the world’s fastest-growing analytics solutions providers, committed to offering innovative network analytics and network performance monitoring solutions to help organizations institutionalize data-driven decision making.

Cutting-edge network analytics solutions

Our network analytics solutions leverage the latest statistical approaches and network performance monitoring techniques and deliver it to you through an agile approach that’ll help you accelerate your journey from data to decisions.

Flexible network capacity management solutions

The comprehensive suite of network analytics solutions developed by Quantzig is flexible enough to accommodate the evolution of processes through dynamic changes in your business models.

Cross-domain pollination

We use the latest network bandwidth capacity planning approaches and leverage network analytics across fields such as statistics, operations research, and systems thinking and cross-pollinate the solutions to maximize efficiency.

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