Competitive Pricing Analysis

Apply real-time computational intelligence to track and anticipate competitors’ prices across channels and outperform them using winning competitive strategies.

While competitive pricing analysis has brought significant benefits to the upper echelons of the business landscape, not many businesses have realized its true potential. Gaining a 360-degree view of your competitors’ pricing strategies not only enables you to discover new threats within your market but also helps you gain a winning edge by finding new sources of revenue. Competitive pricing empowers you to be proactive rather than reactive to the changing market dynamics.

Quantzig’s all-encompassing competitive pricing analysis solutions enable businesses to compare product prices with ease. We also help our clients to remain competitive in a highly dynamic market by offering a complete view of their competitor’s prices that facilitate efficient price monitoring.

Core Capabilities

Competitor Price Benchmarking

In today’s ever-changing eco-system, it is very critical to stay at pace with persistent fluctuations in the market. Pricing benchmarks help determine what your audience is willing to pay for the products and services you offer, as well as monitor what your competitors within the industry are charging.

 Quantzig’s competitive pricing analysis solutions can help you analyze your competitor’s strategies, determine the ideal prices, and successfully launch new products to drive market share.

Price Compliance Tracking

In bigger organizations, the procurement of material happens across geographies and often requires them to comply with various geography level compliance requirements. Failure to comply with the global pricing regulations can prove to be costly.

Quantzig’s competitive pricing analysis solutions leverage the most pertinent combination of data science, business intelligence, and analytics solutions to set up compliance tracking dashboards that empower businesses to monitor and track price compliance issues on an on-going basis. These solutions also help catch any internal biases that might be existing in the eco-system which might come in way of optimal price-based procurement.

Promotional Compliance Tracking and Analysis

Promotions are an investment made by a company to promote the brand and hence it is extremely critical to ensure that the rules of the promotion are compiled to maximize the desired impact. Pricing compliance, planogram compliance, and freight compliance are some of the powerful competitive pricing analysis tools that help ascertain the appropriate implementation of promotional activities across all featured spaces.

Price Visibility

Businesses today are well-aware of the fact that price visibility leads to significant value creation opportunities and helps drive the success of their offerings. We offer intelligent, analytics-driven competitive pricing analysis solutions that can help you unlock the hidden value of your offerings by providing unique end-to-end visibility on price changes to protect margins and drive profitability.

A comprehensive pricing strategy is crucial to stay ahead of the competition. Quantzig’s advanced pricing analytics solutions equip you with powerful, actionable insights into the competitive landscape so that you can acquire the speed and agility required to stay on top of the game. Tracking market price trends and industry best practices will not only drive business agility but will also help you handle the fluctuations in pricing trends by providing troves of high-value pricing information that you can use to make well-informed pricing and marketing decisions.

Leveraging our pricing analytics solutions can help you keep up with the speed and flexibility required to succeed in today’s competitive market.

Request a free proposal to learn how you can track and analyze your competitors’ pricing and promotional strategies more efficiently to grow revenue without depleting the bottom line.

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