Advanced Sales Analytics Solutions

Our advanced sales analytics solutions enable you to efficiently optimize sales operations to eliminate bottlenecks, fall outs, drive sales and profit margins.

Do you want to improve sales force productivity, shorten cycles, and forecast opportunities better?

 Sales analytics is all about managing, gauging, and interpreting this data to draw meaningful, actionable insights. Quantzig’s sales analytics solutions have helped numerous global giants improve sales force effectiveness, reduce costs, and mitigate risks to outperform competitors. We provide tailor-made solutions as per organizational goals and values when it comes to our approach. We leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytical tools to unleash the complete power of advanced sales analytics and obtain the most intelligent, actionable insights.

How Does Quantzig Work?

Move beyond basic CRM reports and build a unified view of sales data with our advanced sales analytics solutions.

Sales Force Optimization

Quantzig’s sales analytics services chart out necessary competencies required in an organization’s sales force and create performance metrics and strategic programs to improve their sales force productivity. We also enable our clients to gain continuous visibility into sales operations to discover inefficiencies, shorten sales cycles, and implement automation to improve overall sales efficiency.

Customer Lifetime Value
Customer Segmentation

Trade Spend Optimization


Quantzig’s trade spend optimization solutions help you design better and cutting-edge trade promotion activities that allow you to connect with your customers efficiently. Quantzig’s sales data analytics solutions implement technologies such as machine learning and cognitive intelligence, which are adept at replacing age-old trade promotion activities and forming non-conventional and data-driven trade spend optimization strategies.

Sales Forecasting

Quantzig’s sales forecasting solutions help enterprises provide our clients with insights that enable them to predict future losses and profits. Our predictive sales analytics solutions also enable businesses to effectively allocate business budgets, improve sales performance, improve inventory management, increase profitability, and reduce costs.

Action Analytics
Customer Satisfaction

CRM Analytics

To enable businesses to understand their customers better, we have created advanced customer relationship management (CRM) analytics solutions that cover every sphere of your customer relationship journey, helps you to focus on problem areas, and offers you comprehensive insights into sales performance, customer service, and overall business performance in just a click.

Our sales analytics experts work closely with clients to better understand the bottlenecks and challenges, and design analytics solutions for transforming sales and marketing functions with intelligent, actionable insights. Right from sales forecasting to operational planning and sales force effectiveness – we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive portfolio of sales analytics solutions.

We rely only on advanced analytics tools and approaches to help reach your business goal. Request a free proposal to glimpse into our sales analytics platform and witness the extraordinary changes initiated and delivered by our sales analytics experts.

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