Customer Relationship Management Analytics

Build, maintain, and strengthen customer relationships in the 21st century with numbers.

With competition continuously increasing multifold and customers becoming more knowledgable, it has become imperative for businesses to form sustainable relationships with their customers. In order to do so, they must understand every fabric of their customers.

Quantzig’s customer relationship management (CRM) analytics solutions enable businesses to aggregate and analyze customer data from disparate sources and derive meaningful, actionable insights from them to drive better, data-driven decision-making and restructure processes and methods. Our solutions also enable businesses to obtain a 360 degree customer view and segment them into homogenous groups based on demographics, tastes, preferences, buying behavior, proftability, etc., so that busineses can align their strategies and future plans best suited to each segment. One of the key drivers of customer satisfaction and loyalty is quick resolution of issues and complaints raised by customers. Our customer relationship management analytics solutions also empower clients with relevant information to pre-empt, avoid, and quickly resolve these issues, hence enhancing customer satisfaction and ensuring repeat purchase.

Core Capabilities

Targeting and Segmentation

Targeting and segmentation of customer base work wonders when it comes to create a brand value in the consumer’s mind. With specific and targeted sales communication, consumers are more likely to stay loyal.

With the advent of the internet and a plethora of options, customers now prefer customized messages. Our targeting and segmentation solutions use CRM data to gain insights about demographics and buying behavior to make better targeting and segmentation of customers.

Sales Call Planning

Missing sales calls often result in huge revenue loss. One of the reasons why sales call planning is becoming important is because it gives the bigger picture of understanding buying intentions and motives of buyers. Quantzig’s sales call planning solutions helps you stay ahead of your competitors by helping you tackle challenges and improve sales in real-time.

Territory Management

Territory management is the process of managing and effectively assigning sales territories to the sales force. It may sound easy but compartmentalizing sales territories and aligning them with business goals requires careful study of data, information, and patterns. It is extremely important for a business to mark balanced territories as the slightest imbalance in sales territories may result in unsatisfied customers and eventually revenue loss.

Quantzig’s advanced sales territory management solutions aim at maximizing profits and ensuring optimum allocation of resources to reduce save time, effort, and costs.

Opportunity Identification

Sustainability is perhaps the most important aspect of profitability and business efficiency. Opportunity identification is undoubtedly a cardinal feature that brings sustainability in a business. The more data-driven the opportunity identification is the better the results will be.

With Quantzig’s opportunity identification solutions, businesses now can easily outperform peers by implementing a customer-centric approach and altering opportunity identification models in line with shift in a customer preferences.

It is imperative for businesses to adapt faster to the changing customer needs or else they will be replaced and driven out of the market.

Our customer relationship management analytics solutions harness the power of the inordinate amount of customer data generated everyday to obtain intelligent, actionable insights to understand customers better and create sustainable relationships.

Request a free proposal to learn how you can manage customer relationships by understanding customer behavior, identifying friction points, and prioritizing key drivers of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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