Sales Analysis and Forecasting

Modernize sales processes and maximize sales forecast accuracy for entire products’ lifecycle with next-gen sales analysis solutions


Identify profitable markets, niche audiences, and futures development areas through effective sales analysis and forecasting

The comprehensive mix of advanced sales analytics solutions offered by Quantzig provides the strategic inputs you need to gauge the marketplace, guide product decisions, and focus on your company’s resources. We adopt a holistic approach to sales analysis and forecasting to provide commercially relevant insights on sales performance and profitability. It gives you a deeper understanding of the performance of your sales teams and marketing initiatives along with the effectiveness of your sales channels.


Exploratory Data






Improved Forecast




Create a data-driven enterprise by deploying predictive models and analytics dashboards

Having a sales forecasting model is the first step towards creating a data-driven company. Alongside the predictive model, it is advisable to adopt a series of analytical tools and sales analysis solutions to support business decisions. Building dashboards that visualize predicted results and comparisons with previous years is a key tool for businesses looking to monitor the overall sales performance of the company.

Quantzig’s Sales Analysis Forecasting Capabilities

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    Sales Forecasting

    Access to relevant data-driven insights is a necessity not only to formulate an effective business model, but also to monitor its performance. Quantzig’s sales analysis expertise and vast knowledge of technical tools for data management, data modeling, and reporting will help companies forecast sales with great precision and accuracy.

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    Demand Forecasting

    Anticipate the demand for certain product categories by maximizing the value of your data through the application of retail sciences that draw insights from machine learning, artificial intelligence, sales analysis, and data-science disciplines.

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