Sales Force Optimization

Chart sales force competencies, create performance metrics, enhance productivity, and gain continuous visibility into sales operations.

Longer sales cycles, a demanding customer base, the need to create a sustainable relationship with customers, and difficulties in driving sales initiatives reinforce the need for a competent sales force.

Quantzig’s advanced sales force optimization solutions chart out necessary competencies required in an organization’s sales force to convert prospects into loyal customers. We help organizations create performance metrics and strategic programs to improve their sales force productivity. We also enable our clients to gain continuous visibility into sales operations to discover bottlenecks and fallouts, shorten sales cycles, pre-empt, and avoid errors, and implement automation and other technologies to improve overall sales efficiency.

Core Capabilities

Sales Force Productivity

In order to continually improve sales, it is imperative to measure how well the sales force is at completing their objectives. While the key performance indicators can vary from company to company, the underlying objective is the same – maximizing sales results while minimizing the resources expended. Businesses need to have a robust strategy in place to ensure the sales force becomes more effective at selling, is able to overcome productivity challenges, and is motivated to boost customer acquisition.

Quantzig’s advanced solutions help businesses enhance sales force productivity by analyzing sales force data and gaining insights about individual members, automating repetitive tasks, and identifying important patterns, both good and bad, and suggesting ways to encourage or break them. They also enable businesses to predict and reduce employee turnover, thereby allowing to retain their best performers and save on additional costs of hiring, training, and retaining a new employee.

Incentive Planning

Organizations across the world are shifting from focusing on solely sales numbers to focusing on motivating their sales force to build long term loyalty and foster retention. A motivated sales force, in turn, exceeds expectations, goes the extra mile, and grows business efficiently.

Incentive compensation and planning acts as an instrumental tool in driving the right behavior and influencing sales force effectiveness. Incentive planning, when done right, can have a positive impact on the team’s behavior on the job, day in and day out.

Quantzig’s advanced incentive planning solutions enable businesses to create effective internal control frameworks and incentive planning structures with precision sales metrics that are financially predictable, reliable, and scalable at a global level. Our sales incentive calculation solutions are AI- and ML-driven, thus ensuring that there are no manual errors and uneven distributions during incentive planning and disbursement.

Sales Funnel Analytics

Sales funnels are nothing but a visualization of every phase of the customer journey. It may sound easy but aligning brand goals with creating a sales funnel is a cumbersome task. Moreover, creating a sales funnel has become a mandate for every business now as an error-free sales funnel can bring unrecognizable changes overnight.

Quantzig’s sales funnel analytics solutions help businesses visualize every step a customer takes, manage the complexities in sales processes, optimize the entire process to improve sales force effectiveness. Our solutions also enable businesses to identify every error and delay in a sales funnel and further analyze and optimize business processes to bring improvements.

Sales Channel Attribution Modeling

With the advent of the internet, marketers are now facing a greater need for analytics-driven sales channel attribution modeling. A sales channel attribution modeling helps an organization generate better sales by identifying the best method of reaching out to existing and potential customers.

At Quantzig, we use a multi-channel attribution approach to analyze the efficiency and contribution of every sales channel of an enterprise and offer clear visibility of analytics-driven sales channel attribution modeling. This, in turn, yields the maximum returns for the business by creating the best strategies for reaching out to different customer segments.

Sales Force Turnover Analysis                 

The sales force turnover rate is the percentage of sales employees who leave an organization within a given period. A nominal amount of turnover is expected and is proven healthy for businesses as it creates room for better performers to enter the organization and bring in fresh ideas and perspectives with them. However, a high sales force turnover is always costly for an organization.

At Quantzig, we have curated data-driven sales force turnover analysis models to predict and reduce sales force turnover. Our advanced sales force turnover analysis solutions enable you to periodically calculate and track sales force turnover while suggesting ways to combat them and ensure increased employee motivation, loyalty, and retention.

Sales Force Design and Sizing

To improve one’s sales efforts and obtain desired outputs, it is imperative for businesses to size and organize their sales force effectively. Sales force design and sizing is the process of determining the optimal number of sales force personnel basis role, segment, market opportunity, financial constraints, etc.

Quantzig’s advanced sales force sizing solutions enable organizations to find the right sized sales force so as to ensure their sales investment keeps pace with revenue growth. We also enable them to establish a concrete sales strategy and avoid oversaturation/underutilization of territories/markets.

With business needs changing dynamically and customer demands evolving rapidly, businesses must deploy agile sales force optimization models to stay competitive. Quantzig’s sales force optimization solutions enhance sales force performance, increase sales, and shorten sales cycles through organizational restructuring, process improvements, sales strategy, competency models, and performance management. We also optimize sales processes by enabling technology integration, automation, and dashboarding and reporting.

Request a free proposal to learn how we can help you slice and dice sales data to extract valuable, intelligent insights that enable you to assess and redesign your sales strategy, boost sales, and improve sales force effectiveness.

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