Trade Spend Optimization

Harnesses the power of advanced analytics to automate promotion forecasts, optimize promotion plans, improve forecast accuracy, and boost profitability.

Most companies struggle to generate the right return on trade promotion investments because their promotion plans do not strike the right balance between revenues and expenditures. It is crucial for companies to gather insights from each promotion, learn from them, and improve the trade promotion strategy to yield the best results.

Quantzig’s advanced trade spend optimization solutions help organizations create a sales baseline from historical performance data and build optimal promotions. They also allow organizations to calculate redemption rate, volume uplift, historical promotion ROI, and other KPIs using cost factors and sell-through data, and set the right goals for expected spending, conversions, and revenue generation.

Core Capabilities

Baseline Revenue Analysis

Every organization, small or big, must have a baseline analysis to maintain accuracy in monitoring anomalies in datasets. If dataset anomalies are left unattended and undetected, they can result in fallacious post-promotion analyses.

At Quantzig, we help businesses deploy advanced baseline revenue analysis solution to pre-determine business outcomes and improve forecasts.

Promotion Effectiveness Analysis

Trade promotions are marketing tactics used by brands to increase the sale of their products across specific channels that lead to improved profitability, faster order-to-cash cycles, and stronger customer relationships. While measuring trade promotion effectiveness is easier for offline campaigns, identifying metrics that lead to a sale and attributing their impact becomes challenging.

Our advanced promotion effectiveness analytics integrate the inputs from multiple metrics and analyze them simultaneously to derive insights that not only help in optimizing trade promotions and drive growth, but also help in predicting future sales, devising optimal campaigns, and determining the right pricing strategies.

Promotion Compliance Analysis

To maximize the effectiveness of a promotion campaign, companies must ensure their promotions are compliant with the set norms and regulations. Non-compliance can result in lost sales opportunities.

Quantzig’s promotion compliance solutions enable you to get an overview of your historical promotion compliance data. It also helps monitor and improve promotion compliance concerning factors such as shelf location, assortment, pricing, point of sale compliance, availability, visibility.

Simulation Analysis

Simulation analysis in a business scenario provides infinite calculations to obtain the probability for any choice of action. The complete process of simulation analysis helps the decision-maker analyze every possible uncertainty of a business. If a business involves complex processes or lacks uniform data, simulation analysis can help identify upcoming risks.

With Quantzig’s simulation analysis for businesses, companies can generate actionable insights in real-time without impacting their actual processes. Deploying simulation analysis can bring revolutionary changes to your business. At Quantzig, we understand your organization’s complexities; thus, we know the implementation of a slight change in the business front can slacken your productivity or efficiency and result in loss. Hence, our simulation analysis solutions always field-test the changes before implementation and make your organization future ready.

One of the primary reasons behind the inability of trade promotions to drive expected ROIs is that even well-established organizations lack the necessary capabilities and analytics expertise required to track and monitor their trade promotions.

Quantzig’s advanced trade spend analytics solutions offer actionable insights using which businesses can create their marketing and resource allocation strategies to optimize trade spends. We also offer data-backed recommendations and accurate forecasts that help you drive profitability.

Beat your past performance with budget-centric trade promotions that are optimized for revenue, profit, and volume maximization.

Request a free proposal to profitably optimize trade spend with customized trade spend analysis solutions.

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