Sales Analytics

Actionable insights that help you understand and forecast sales trends and outcomes

How our sales analytics solutions help clients

With the emergence of numerous social media platforms and the Internet of Things, organizations face challenges in managing multiple channels that have opened for sales, marketing, and customer relationship management.

By providing sales analytics solutions that include data integration and transformation tools and support best-in-class data modeling and data analysis techniques, we at Quantzig offer sales performance analytics services that help sales and marketing managers identify new opportunities for revenue generation, and also in reducing operational costs.

At Quantzig, we aim to bring together the best combination of analysts and consultants who complement our clients with a shared need to discover and build those capabilities, and drive continuous market excellence.

Key benefits we provide

Increase in Sales
Increase in Customer Retention
Improvement in Sales Performance
Reduced Cost of Selling
Improvement in Sales Force Satisfaction
Improved Territory design

What do we offer?

Optimizing the resource planning processes to reduce operational costs and enhance customer service processes, we at Quantzig offer strategic analytic solutions that will help businesses improve sales efficiencies and revenue margins.

Solutions we provide

Sales force optimization
Sales targeting and segmentation
Sales call planning
Territory alignment
Sales funnel analytics
Sales force attrition analytics

With accurate data on sales volume, quantity usage, and trends and identifying potential customers, we help clients forecast sales volume which will subsequently aid in planning inventory purchasing.

Solutions we provide

Sales forecast
Revenue forecast
Demand forecast

We help clients evaluate sales force productivity and efforts at segment as well as individual level to replicate the performance of top representatives, and develop effective sales strategies, in turn, achieving improved sales force effectiveness.

Solutions we provide

Sales force KPIs and metrics
Sales force productivity
Incentive compensation and planning
Sales funnel analytics

Introduction to our sales analytics case studies

Food Retail Chain Improves Sales Productivity through Implementation of Sales Data Analysis-based Solution

Business Challenge: The client wanted to improve the effectiveness of its targeted marketing efforts by developing an understanding of the customer segments.

Situation: The client was facing challenges in making the maximum use of sales data and deriving insights on customer profile, in order to develop strategies to improve sales productivity.

Impact: Based on the trends at an individual product, customer, brand and SKU levels, the client was able to develop clear understanding of the customer segmentation. Based on this, they improved on the marketing efforts at an individual segment level resulting in better sales productivity.

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Predictive Analytics helps Retailer Improve Sales of Electronic Gadgets and Achieve Higher Profitability

Business Challenge: Our client, a leading electronics retailer wanted to achieve maximum sales and profits in order to beat the competition in the market.

Situation: The client wanted to implement a robust solution that could help in accurate demand forecasting, setting right prices, deploying right promotion strategies, and devising profitable pricing strategies.

Impact: The client was able to achieve competitive leadership through accurate demand forecasting, ensuring optimal stock levels, dynamic pricing, and by introducing timely offers and promotions. These helped them in achieving a larger sales volume compared to competitors, and hence establish market supremacy.

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