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In a world that is rapidly becoming data-driven, improving supply chain management capabilities becomes important for companies looking to optimize their supply chain performance. Supply chains are increasingly becoming data-dependent and companies who lack the capability to track and manage supply chain functions fall behind when it comes to making informed business decisions. Supply chain analytics, therefore, acts as a nexus between industries and the gigantic troves of supply chain information lying at their disposal.

Embed analytics to unlock actionable insights for your business processes

To boost profitability and enable your team to identify opportunities to improve SCP processes, it’s essential to make supply chain processes transparent, intelligent, and more data-driven. Our supply chain analytics solutions are designed to help businesses identify new opportunities within the supply chain and benchmark costs across each of the supply chain nodes. This is where Quantzig’s expertise in supply chain analytics and statistical analysis can help you design and implement optimal purchase processes by first providing the ability to discover new opportunities.

Seamlessly integrate data from disparate sources on interactive dashboards

Quantzig offers a comprehensive portfolio of customizable supply chain analytics solutions to help business leaders improve supply chain planning, reduce excess spend, reduce wastage and excess inventory costs, improve the demand forecast, demand planning process, and the capacity planning process. We use best-in-class processes, cutting-edge tools, and our deep domain supply chain analytics expertise to help businesses transform their supply chain into a world-class organization that’s tailored for success.

Solution Portfolio – Supply Chain Analytics

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    Demand & Capacity Planning

    Analyze dynamic demand patterns and improve forecasting capabilities with analytics-driven, advanced supply chain data analytics solutions

    • Since your products and customers have different order patterns, gaining customer and product granularity of the forecast improves demand planning to a great extent.
    • Quantzig’s scenario-based forecasts and advanced supply chain logistics solutions enable businesses to identify the best- and worst-case scenarios for each customer, enabling better contingency planning and cost reduction under forecast errors so that your business can respond immediately to demand signals.
    • Synchronize demand planning with production and adjust to changes in available materials with the help of our customizable supply chain analytics solutions.
    • We help businesses automate demand and capacity planning and reduce process time by up to 60%.

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    Procurement Cost Optimization

    Reduce maverick spend, enhance supply chain efficiency, and drive profitability with Quantzig’s analytics portfolio for supply chain solutions.

    • Improve visibility of supplier scorecards, supplier risks, and forecast costs of procurement in real-time.
    • Web intelligence-based supply chain analytics solutions that are tailored to help you identify material costs and landing costs. The insights we provide can be utilized for price negotiations and supplier switching/consolidation opportunities.
    • FX currency exchange movement analysis to visualize the impact of non-hedged currency movements on landing costs in the future.

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    Working Capital Management

    Optimize working capital and boost bottom-line results with the help of our industry-leading supply chain management analytics solutions portfolio.

    • Improve visibility of key-value KPIs such as turnover ratios, cost benchmarking, forecast vs. shipped discrepancies, average excess inventory, and inventory wastages.
    • With Quantzig, businesses can easily simulate the cost of changing inventory parameters and service levels.
    • Simulate the cost to serve demand fluctuations to budget for variations.
    • Leverage industry best practices in supply chain analytics to transform end-to-end processes and cash flow management.
    • Deploy holistic working capital management strategies in the areas of inventory, payables, receivables, and cash and liquidity.

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    Spend Analytics

    Gain better visibility and improve operational efficiency by putting your real-time data to work with the help of Quantzig’s advanced spend analysis solutions.

    • Streamline your procurement functions and identify areas for cost reduction by leveraging our advanced spend analytics solutions.
    • Leverage advanced supply chain analytics solutions to adopt more mature procurement practices and improve supplier relationship management.
    • Identify the procurement spend patterns and improve spend forecasting in real-time with the help of customized spend analytics dashboards.

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    Inventory Optimization

    Improve profitability, increase customer satisfaction levels, and free-up working capital with Quantzig’s supply chain solutions that focus on inventory optimization and supply chain management.

    • Stay competitive with end-to-end visibility, right from the sales forecast and demand planning stages to inventory availability and customer orders.
    • Identify the right inventory parameters (ROP, safety stock, average SOH, and MOQ) for a target service level easily with our advanced supply chain analytics solutions.
    • Our expertise in logistics and supply chain management helps ensure product availability across a complex ecosystem of distributors and channels without inflating inventory.

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    Purchase Order Flow Management

    Leverage our analytics capabilities to analyze the lifecycle of purchase orders, right from the order creation stage to its closure.

    • Route in-transit inventory based on the latest market conditions.
    • Automatically reroute in-transit inventory to wherever it is needed the most.
    • Deploy in-transit inventory strategically and dynamically.

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    Warehouse Optimization

    Track inventory stocks that enter your warehouse and gain real-time insights on the position of your assets with the help of our supply chain analytics solutions.

    • Quantzig's warehouse optimization solutions help enterprises in right-sizing their fleet, finding ways to reduce costs, and controlling operator usage parameters.
    • We help businesses in the immediate elimination of non-value-added activities and enable them to estimate potential savings with the help of our customized supply chain analytics dashboards.
    • Evaluate warehouse operations and make strategic decisions to boost your profitability with our advanced supply chain solutions.

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    OTIF Optimization

    Gain insights into customer satisfaction rates with respect to your supply chain performance with Quantzig’s analytics portfolio for supply chain solutions.

    • Gain real-time visibility into your supply chain to identify potential risks that could impact your ability to deliver the right product at the right time with the help of our advanced supply chain analytics solutions.
    • With Quantzig’s OTIF optimization solution, companies can proactively optimize their delivery processes and move towards perfect order fulfillment.
    • Our cutting edge OTIF optimization solutions help identify key factors affecting compliance related to carrier, equipment availability, warehouse and lane traffic.

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    Distribution and Freight Cost Optimization

    Identify cost optimization opportunities in your distribution system in conjunction with simulated demand forecasts at a customer level using our demand and supply management solutions.

    • Leverage Quantzig’s pallet optimization analytics solutions to consolidate shipments across customer deliveries.
    • Reduce and control HOS (hours of service), RPM (rate per mile), and TTD (Time to deliver) in case of demand fluctuations with the help of our routing and freight cost optimization solutions.
    • Quickly identify floating warehouse locations to serve seasonal demand.
    • Container routing to optimize upstream and downstream container utilization.

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    Supply Chain Network Optimization

    Gain a holistic view of your organization's supply chain with our supply chain network optimization solutions

    • Compare the current state of your supply chains to multiple “what-if” scenarios with our customized network optimization solutions.
    • We help businesses to understand the costs and constraints of their existing network and new facilities.
    • Quantzig's advanced supply chain analytics solutions enable businesses to develop strategies to launch new products and position inventory in the supply chain.

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    Logistics Management

    Identify savings opportunities, eliminate redundancies, and improve supply chain efficiency with Quantzig’s logistics management solutions.

    • Our expertise in logistics management can you to save money, improve performance, and optimize supply chain performance.
    • Maintain optimal inventory levels, organize the reverse flow of goods, and minimize freight cost with the help of our customizable supply chain analytics solutions.
    • Quantzig’s end-to-end logistics management solutions enable companies to drive efficiency across the value chain by optimizing inventory, reducing costs, and improving profit margins.

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    Scheduling Optimization

    Improve productivity and lower schedule costs than manual or rules-based methods using Quantzig’s scheduling optimization solutions

    • Achieve consistent customer outcomes with higher schedule adherence, improved service levels, and resource utilization
    • Manage work order more quickly and efficiently with our customized scheduling optimization solutions
    • Improve the agility of your business operations and ensure your service operations conform to SLA’s

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    Cost to Serve Optimization

    Gauge the true costs incurred in servicing your customers and unearth profitable opportunities for process improvements throughout the supply chain

    • Maximize the ROI of data-driven supply chain transformations using advanced cost to serve optimization solutions
    • Gain in-depth insights into product profitability for SKU rationalization and pricing decisions
    • Calculate the true costs for each customer, product, service, and channel

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Why choose Quantzig as your next supply chain analytics partner?

Domain knowledge and learning driven mindset

Quantzig is among the world’s fastest growing supply chain analytics companies, committed to offering cutting edge supply chain analytics solutions to help organizations institutionalize data-driven decision making and tackle complex supply management challenges.

Flexible white box supply chain solutions

The advanced supply chain analytics solutions developed by Quantzig are flexible enough to accommodate the evolution of the solution through dynamic changes in your business.

Agile, robust, and cutting-edge supply chain management techniques

Our supply chain data analytics team leverages the latest statistical approaches, ML packages, and platforms and delivers it to you through an agile approach that’ll help you accelerate your journey from data to decisions.

Cross-domain pollination

We use the latest approaches and leverage advanced supply chain management analytics across fields such as statistics, operations research, and systems thinking and cross-pollinate the solutions across industries.

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