Inventory Optimization

Improve customer service levels, maximize manufacturing efficiency, and assure the best mix of inventory to maintain optimum performance.

Inventory optimization is the practice of managing inventory levels to meet predetermined service levels while minimizing the working capital tied up in the inventory. Optimizing inventory levels helps companies improve customer service levels, maximize manufacturing efficiency, and assure the best mix of inventory to maintain optimum performance.

Quantzig’s inventory optimization solutions empower organizations to strike the perfect balance of lowering their overall inventory investments while improving service levels. We help you build an optimal inventory system that is more connected, intelligent, and scalable.

Core Capabilities

Inventory Risk Analysis

Complex inventory systems are always at a risk, be it stock-out, increased inventory holding cost, inaccurate forecasting, unreliable suppliers, loss, damage or shelf life of the product. These risks have increased significantly over the past decade, which if left unaddressed can cripple business operations and lead to staggering financial losses. We can help you identify, manage, and overcome such risks and disruptions in the supply network with the help of our inventory risk analysis modeling.

Demand Planning

Demand planning is the most important link between sales forecasts and production plans. Underestimating demands can result in stock-outs, lost sales, and potentially lost customers while overestimating may leave you with excess stock that ties up cash flow and is at risk of waste.

Our advanced demand planning and forecasting solutions allow you to study past data to make accurate demand forecasts so that you can determine the optimum inventory required and adjust stock levels to cater to different demand patterns.

Inventory Management

Optimal inventory management is all about knowing how much stock you have, where it is stored, and how much you will need. We offer system dynamics-based inventory management solutions to empower today’s global businesses to prevent inventory stock-outs and improve inventory control.

Backorders can be either beneficial or create new challenges for your inventory system, depending on the size of your business and inventory management approach. We can help you tackle this challenge through our order staggering and backorder analysis solutions that offer better inventory control by preventing stock-outs. While managing and optimizing inventory, companies must also take into account reverse logistics and assign relevant inventory levels to it.

Inventory optimization solutions can help businesses eliminate out-of-stock situations, improve efficiency, and curtail inventory costs. Furthermore, with the help of the solution, companies can gain optimized service levels for different product categories. Additionally, companies can better define processes and monitor and manage high-risk categories.

Our advanced inventory optimization solutions are designed to tackle the complex forecasting, inventory planning, procurement, and distribution requirements of our global clients.

Request a free proposal to learn how our inventory optimization solutions can enable you to improve customer service levels, maximize manufacturing efficiency, and assure the best mix of inventory to maintain optimum performance.

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