Transportation and Logistics Management

Enhance the efficiency of your logistics operations, lower costs, and create new opportunities to optimize the logistics management system. 

With the ongoing changes in today’s technologically-inclined world, players across industries are confronted with challenges such as increasing customer expectations, skyrocketing delivery costs, and growing transportation and logistics management complexities. To meet such dynamic customer expectations, there is a growing need to maximize the use of technology and amalgamate supply chain transportation and logistics analytics with automation and IoT.

The main aim is to lower costs, improve efficiency, and create new opportunities to make genuine breakthroughs in the existing approach to transportation and logistics management. Quantzig’s advanced logistics management solutions can help you redesign your logistics and supply chain operations by offering accurate insights derived from past logistics performance data. Businesses can capitalize on this information to drive operational transparency, route optimization, track and rectify delivery or product errors, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Core Capabilities

Network Optimization

One important aspect of growth is to be able to handle change well. This is the ultimate question that any organization should ask – “Will my global supply value chain be able to cope with change – a new product line, expansion, change in sourcing?” Network optimization empowers companies to compare their current supply chain with multiple “What If” scenarios to see how these changes will impact the supply chain. Network optimization also enables companies to gain a singular view of the entire supply chain function as a whole – making it easier to take strategic decisions and optimize profitability and productivity.

A supply chain network optimization offers a unified view of all internal and external operations to reduce the time-to-market, ensure on-time and in-full delivery (OTIF), and deliver better products with the shortest lead time and lowest cost.

Freight Cost Management

To meet the growing expectations of customers and expedite shipping and returns, companies need to rethink their fulfilment and shipping process efficiency. Freight optimization and load planning essentially mean moving a product to the customer by determining the most efficient means to do so while maintaining desired service levels in the supply chain. Quantzig’s advanced supply chain visibility solutions enable companies to review data from the company’s freight history and analyze it to find insights that enable them to reduce inbound/outbound freight expenses, improve control, save on costs, conduct rate and contract negotiations.

Fleet Performance Management

With the advent of IoT and cloud computing, keeping a real-time track of the entire fleet has now become possible. Quantzig’s fleet management solutions leverage sensor data analytics to gain in-depth insights into the fleet’s operations and develop more efficient maintenance plans, cut truck downtime, and plan fleet replacements with greater accuracy.

 We enable organizations to create an overview of driving times and downtimes as well as the proportion of empty and loaded runs. Analyzing these factors along with the speed of the vehicles allows transportation and logistics operations to be graphically represented in the form of heat maps on custom dashboards, recognize bottlenecks, pre-empt issues, cut fuel spends and unplanned maintenance costs, and optimize overall fleet efficiency.

 Fleet risk management is a crucial component of fleet operations for companies that focus on freight, delivery, transportation, and any other type of business that utilizes multiple vehicles. So, for them to remain in regulatory compliance while promoting a safe and sustainable environment with a fleet of well-operating assets is very important. Assets like equipment and vehicles carry inherent risks for fleets. Therefore, it is important to have an actionable fleet risk management plan in place since it is important to keep your fleet running efficiently without incurring costly fines for violating regulations or liability of accidents.

Reverse Logistics Management

The exponential increase in the number of e-commerce businesses has fueled the increase in return rates across industries, which makes it imperative for companies to be prepared with policies, processes, and infrastructure in place to manage the impact of these increased returns on the bottom line, lower the operating expenses, and maintain a healthy inventory turnover. A robust reverse logistics strategy also provides companies with benefits like enhanced better customer retention and understanding of buying behavior, improved environmental sustainability, and a cost-efficient supply chain.

Our advanced reverse logistics management solutions enable our clients to identify actionable opportunities for inventory optimization, reduce waste, proactively reduce the volume of returns, protect brand image, and maximize profits. This is done by analyzing the data sets collected from disparate sources across the product lifecycle that offer real-time data-driven insights into all processes throughout the supply value chain — helping businesses create an ROI-focused robust reverse logistics strategy.

Quantzig’s logistics management solutions have been designed to offer a holistic view of supply chain logistics processes. Our advanced logistics analytics capabilities can help you tackle the challenges surrounding logistics management and reverse logistics by implementing corrective actions to improve the efficiency of processes along the logistics value chain.

Request a free proposal to learn how our advanced transportation and logistics management solutions can provide you with valuable insights to optimize routes, streamline factory operations, and give transparency to the entire supply chain network.

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