Network Optimization

Gain a unified view of your global supply value chain, reduce time-to-market, stay ahead of the competition, maintain operations at maximum profitability and productivity, and deliver superior products at with the shortest lead time and lowest cost.

With supply chain networks increasingly becoming global and more dispersed — with their own set of complexities — there is a need of a centralized team that manages these varied complexities efficiently and provide a unified view of the supply value chain. Supply chain network optimization is the process of designing a holistic, strategic, and quantitative view of the end-to-end supply chain of an organization with the aim to deliver significant improvements in service levels and reduction in supply chain costs by aligning different supply chain strategies better.

Our advanced network optimization models consider data from all sources — internal, external, and supply chain network-specific — to run multiple scenarios. Analyzing these scenarios and choosing the best one enables companies to stay ahead of the competition, maintain operations at maximum profitability and productivity, ensure on-time and in-full delivery (OTIF), and deliver superior products at with the shortest lead time and lowest cost.

Core Capabilities

Network Optimization Planning

One important aspect of growth is to be able to handle change well. This is the ultimate question that any organization should ask – “Will my global supply value chain be able to cope with change – a new product line, expansion, change in sourcing?” Network optimization empowers companies to compare their current supply chain with multiple “What If” scenarios to see how these changes will impact the supply chain. Network optimization also enables companies to gain a singular view of the entire supply chain function as a whole – making it easier to take strategic decisions and optimize profitability and productivity.

In order to create a network design, companies need to chart down their primary objectives, the ones that have the maximum impact on the baseline and analyze past data to derive insights.

Network Optimization Designing and Implementation

Designing the supply chain network optimally ensures that companies know the best modes of transportation, routes, and other factors to get their products from the start point to the endpoint to drive sales.

Using our advanced modeling techniques, we will create a realistic model of the supply chain network taking into account all the internal, external factors, and constraints. We will then analyze it and determine which of the several ‘What If’ scenarios drive optimum profitability, efficiently improves operations, and reduces maximum unnecessary spending.

Network design implementation is not a one-time task. Any time there is a change in the supply chain network — be it a dip in sales, the addition of a new market, or additional production capacity — they must be incorporated in the design so as to get the output is realistic.

The aim of a supply chain network optimization solution is to enable organizations to see the global supply chain as one unit and make strategic, informed decisions basis the quantitative metrics of the solution. By making data-driven decisions and transforming the way their organization functions, our clients are able to gain a competitive advantage, reduce unnecessary spending, optimize operations, and maximize revenues.

By optimizing the efficiency and capability of your network management systems, we ensure that your infrastructure investments provide maximum returns.

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