Sales and Operations Planning

Improve forecast accuracy, boost working capital, increase revenue and market share, increase business transparency, optimize inventory, and take informed decisions about a product’s demand and supply.

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) enables the business leaders to ensure all business functions are aligned to balance supply and demand. It requires cross-organizational collaboration to create detailed forecasts to create a single production plan.

Sales and operations planning ensures streamlined, transparent processes across business units, informed decision-making about a product’s demand and supply, inventory optimization, improved budget and sales forecasting, improved product lifecycle management.

Core Capabilities

Data Gathering

In this stage of the sales and operations planning process, forecasts, and information on key variables like past sales, cash in hand, inventory, is collected. Apart from these, any external factors that may have an impact on sales are also taken into account (seasonality, competitor activity, market trends, industry outlook, macro-economic factors). On the basis of these inputs, forecasts are made for future sales.

Demand Planning

Siloed operations and misaligned plans are a bane for businesses when it comes to demand and capacity planning. This is where cross-functional collaboration of S&OP comes to play. Quantzig’s advanced sales and operations planning solutions enable the leaders from the supply-chain, finance, sales, marketing, product management, manufacturing, and human resources teams to collaborate to create accurate demand and capacity plans in minutes instead of days.

Production Planning

During this stage, the representatives from finance, operations, materials, and human resources evaluate production and distribution capacity. They also determine if there are any constraints on suppliers, machinery, or people. With the help of advanced sales and operations planning solutions, we enable organizations to predict any bottlenecks by analyzing the historical production and distribution data. This enables our clients to draw accurate supply plans taking into account all constraints, present and pre-emptive.

Reconciliation and Implementation

The leaders from all business functions to compare and align demand and production plans and consider the financial impact of the plans – ensuring that they are in line with the company’s financial requirements and objectives. Our advanced analytics solutions enable our clients to predict any hidden cost implications and take those into account as well.

Once and sales and operations plan receives a go-ahead from all business functions, it is brought into action. We help our clients throughout the sales and operations planning journey by providing them data-driven insights for prudent-decision making.

Sales and operations planning helps organizations improve forecast accuracy, cut inventory costs, boost working capital, increase revenue and market share, and improves marketing and sales effectiveness.

Our end-to-end sales and operations planning solutions are designed to help our clients create accurate plans by taking into account intelligent insights derived from past sales and production performance.

Request a free proposal to learn how you can leverage Quantzig’s Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) solutions to enable business leaders to continually achieve synchronization and alignment among all functions of the organization and make better-informed decisions with regard to demand and supply.

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