Supply Chain Digitization

Move towards a complete, optimally integrated network, with all processes seamlessly exchanging information, and planning and production solutions working in tandem to create a more visible end-to-end supply value chain.

For companies to stay competitive and in today’s fast-evolving landscape, the modern supply chain function cannot be a series of discreet, siloed steps. Digitization of the supply chain is the movement towards a complete, optimally integrated network, with all processes seamlessly exchanging information, and planning and production solutions working in tandem to create a more visible end-to-end supply value chain. The result of digitization is a more transparent, agile, and responsive supply chain network that is capable of pre-empting and tackling bottlenecks, increasing efficiency, and removing the dependency on manual inputs. The technologies that come in handy to enable the digitization of the supply chain are GPS tracking, barcodes, radio frequency identification (RFID), smart labels, and wireless sensor networks.

The infusion of big data, the internet of things (IoT), and artificial intelligence into business processes has made it possible to capture, transmit, and analyze any kind of data. These technologies make it possible for supply chains to enable end-to-end visibility for all stakeholders, optimize processes, and pre-empt issues. With our advanced supply chain solutions, we work with companies to envision the future of supply chains so as to institutionalize sustainable, agile, and responsible supply chain practices at the corporate, buyer, and supplier levels. Our solutions help our clients analyze market needs and develop strategic approaches, operationalize sustainable procurement, and build meaningful supplier collaborations.

Core Capabilities

S&OP Digitization

Digitized supply and operations (S&OP) planning will take into account any fluctuations and potential risks and derive accurate demand and production forecasting. A closed-loop, data-driven planning process breaks the barriers between each planning step and turns it into a continuous process.

Quantzig’s advanced S&OP digitization solutions not only take into account the internal and external factors impacting the demand and supply forecast, but also give insights on the best procurement, marketing, pricing, and sales strategies to maximize profits.

Logistics and Warehousing

Digitization of the logistics, transportation, and warehousing value chain enables the removal of legacy operations that are costly, inefficient, and lack visibility. With the help of technologies like IoT, robotics, telematics, and advanced analytics, digitization enables all processes to optimally interact with each other and provide more granular real-time data capable of precisely capturing the movement of goods right from manufacturing up until delivery, remove bottlenecks, save on unnecessary expenses, as well as optimize the reverse logistics value chain.

In order to deploy digital solutions to the logistics and storage value chain, it must have firm data management and integration infrastructure. Quantzig’s advanced supply chain digitization solutions enable businesses to capture, manage, integrate, and analyze relevant data, taking into account internal and external factors, and gain insights that help them create an agile, granular, and responsive logistics and storage process.

Order Management Digitization

Order management is the process of receiving, tracking, fulfilling, and (in cases) returning/exchanging customer orders. Order management not just has a direct impact on the demand and planning process, but also on the business’s brand perception in the mind of the customer. Today’s customer expects a seamless experience and requires updates along the way. Digitization of the order management process enables businesses to track orders in real-time and remove blockages, pre-empt issues, and re-plan in real-time, thus, saving on costs. It also enables businesses to plug in customer feedback into the system to further optimize it.

Quantzig’s supply chain digitization solutions enable businesses to optimize and digitize their order management process, which helps businesses provide customers with a superior experience through immediate, granular updates and responses, thus increasing the probability of repeat purchases and brand loyalty.

Supply Chain Performance Management Digitization

The elimination of boundaries between supply chain silos like planning, procurement, and logistics processes, has enabled an over-arching, continuous supply chain management process to exist, with access to granular data in real-time from internal and external sources.

Quantzig’s advanced supply chain performance management solutions enable companies to digitize supply chain performance management across the value chain. This helps them harness intelligent, actionable insights from real-time, granular data, and measure, predict, manage, and optimize the health of a supply chain in real-time.

The future of supply chains will be characterized by these key factors — customer-centricity, inter-operability, and agility and responsiveness. Investing in new supply chain innovation opportunities is crucial in enabling businesses to thrive. Applying technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, blockchain, internet of things, and augmented reality to traditional supply chain processes will give further boost and a competitive edge to the company.

We understand the complexities involved in designing and managing complex, interconnected, global supply chains. To tackle this challenge, we have developed a complex portfolio of advanced supply chain solutions that combine strategic approaches and BI frameworks to help bring transparency to processes and create sustainable bottom-line value across the supply network.

The main challenge for businesses today is having access to supply chain data but not being able to infuse insights into their business strategies.

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