Supply Chain Visibility

Access real-time information about orders from production to delivery, discover and optimize bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the supply value chain, pre-empt disruptions, reduce costs, and increase overall returns.

Supply chain visibility is the ability of all stakeholders throughout the supply value chain to track an order in real-time — right from production, inventory, logistics, to delivery. The aim of supply chain visibility is to optimize all the supply chain processes by making information easily accessible to every stakeholder, even customers. Supply chain visibility enables different supply chain departments to access real-time information regarding stock, orders, and deliveries. Supply chain visibility solutions are highly agile and promptly highlight any potential supply chain disruptions, allowing businesses to take corrective actions based on demand and supply fluctuations.

At Quantzig, we understand the importance of providing multi-channel delivery while ensuring consistent customer experiences. We provide secure, sustainable, real-time end-to-end supply chain visibility solutions that empower our clients to pre-empt disruptions, optimize inconsistencies and bottlenecks, reduce costs, and increase customer as well as stakeholder satisfaction.

Core Capabilities

Sensor Data Analytics

Companies have already started using sensor data to optimize routes, decrease fuel consumption, and enable real-time tracking. However, like with any modern technology, sensor or IoT technology brings with it an unprecedented flow of data, and a majority of players lack the advanced analytics capabilities to take advantage of the data generated from sensors.

Our predictive maintenance solutions integrate sensor data to help determine the condition of the equipment, pre-empt breakdowns, suggest optimizations, enable real-time customer interactions, respond promptly to any disruptions in the supply chain.

Distribution Center and Freight Analysis

Throughout the supply chain, the use of relevant metrics to track processes provides unprecedented insights that enable companies to attain increased production, decreased costs, greater visibility, and higher customer satisfaction. The distribution center is not different — there are several metrics that can be tracked to analyze the performance of a distribution center to ensure timely delivery of products to the end-users.

Our advanced supply chain visibility solutions analyze parameters like on-time shipping, order fulfillment accuracy, cycle time, warehouse capacity analysis, employee turnover, to gauge if the distribution center is functioning optimally. Our insights enable companies to optimize distribution centers, improve accuracy, and enhance employee morale.

Due to the explosion of e-commerce businesses all around us, the modern customer expects goods to arrive more quickly than ever. This is prompting companies to rethink their fulfillment and shipping process efficiency. For this, companies need to look at their freight spends and understand if there is room in increasing efficiency.

Quantzig’s advanced supply chain visibility solutions enable companies to review data from the company’s freight history and analyze it to find insights that enable them to reduce inbound/outbound freight expenses, improve control, save on costs, conduct rate, and contract negotiations.

Logistics and Transportation Analytics

In order for the entire supply value chain be visible, the logistics and transportation process must be accessible to all stakeholders for tracking goods in real-time. Real-time tracking of goods in transit additionally helps gather data, analyzing which gives insights on route optimization, tracking and optimization of delivery or product errors, and enhance customer satisfaction while reducing costs.

Demand and Sales Forecasting

Recognizing the need for a paradigm shift produces additional questions and concerns around demand and sales forecasting that must be addressed when considering which aspects of your supply chain management operations benefit most from transformation.

Identify cost optimization opportunities in your distribution system in conjunction with simulated demand forecasts at a customer level using our demand and supply management solutions.v

An organization in order to achieve visibility in the supply chain needs to analyze several factors. These include supply chain data interpretation and data sharing. But a global supply chain with end-to-end visibility will always possess the power of quick and efficient decision-making. An efficient team that works optimally to communicate with stakeholders and suppliers and decodes information contributes greatly to promoting the visibility of supply chains.

Quantzig’s end-to-end supply chain visibility solutions support inbound logistics, distribution, returns capabilities in ways that enhance inventory management, reduce total operating costs, and improve cycle times.

Our ability to evolve and improve our offerings helps organizations to address their most complex, pressing supply chain challenges right from logistics optimization to operations management.

Request a free proposal to learn how our advanced analytics solutions can help you effectively manage and tackle issues related to supply chain management.

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