Supply Chain Analytics

Supply chain analytics solutions that will help clients improve efficiency across the supply chain

How our supply chain analytics solutions help clients

With the growth of organizations across the globe, operations are becoming increasingly complicated, leading to reduced visibility. Consequently, to remain competitive in the intensely aggressive and stressful global environment, organizations have to increase the efficiency of their operations across the supply chain.

Our supply chain analytics solutions help businesses tackle these challenges and also offer them insights on people, processes, assets, and the entire value chain to facilitate quicker decisions for global supply chain management.

At Quantzig, we aim to bring together the best combination of analysts and consultants who complement our clients with a shared need to discover and build those capabilities, and drive continuous market excellence.

Key benefits we provide

Reduction in cost
Forecast accuracy
Reduction in transportation cost
Reduction in supplier base
Visibility of SKU inventory
Reduction in unfulfilled orders

What do we offer?

Our supply chain data analytics solutions help clients in enhancing their supply chain visibility, demand forecasting, logistics optimization, and consequently improve overall merchandising capabilities. We also consolidate metrics for various sections of the supply chain and help businesses optimize their networks for improved efficiency and effective supply management.

Solutions we provide

Supply Chain Visibility
Demand Planning &
Merchandising Analytics
Transport Network Optimization
Fulfillment Analysis
Quote to Order

We help businesses achieve operational excellence in several activities, ranging from raw material procurement to order fulfillment. Our supply chain optimization services assist clients in logistics optimization, improve order fulfillment ratios, and increase operational efficiency to facilitate quick time-to-market.

Solutions we provide

Logistics & Reverse
Logistics Optimization
Inventory Optimization
Order Fulfillment
WIP & Backlog
Store Analytics
Warranty Optimization

Though most organizations are realizing the importance of the purchase side of the supply chain, they struggle to make it more efficient as they usually deal with a large number of suppliers and diverse categories of goods and services.

Quantzig’s supply chain analytics solutions that include network optimization, inventory optimization, and demand forecasting help clients analyze spend data, improve category management practices, and consolidate their supplier base to increase contract compliance and reduce total cost of operations.

Solutions we provide

Spend Analysis
Supplier Performance &
Tail-spend Optimization
Category Tracking &
Strategic Opportunity
Account Payable &
Spend Optimization

Introduction to our supply chain analytics case studies

Supply chain analytics

Network Optimization Reduces Costs for Logistics Company

Business Challenge: A leading logistics client wanted to review its transportation network to reduce cost of operations.

Situation: The client was facing challenges of increasing transportation costs and high inventory levels of finished goods at each level of transportation network. This also led to high operational and holding costs. Client was looking for a solution to optimize the network to reduce the costs.

Impact: Client gained visibility on the reasons of inefficiencies. This helped them optimize the network with improved fulfillment and service levels, reduce inventory levels at each location with better network planning. The client also reduced the cost of operations by optimizing transportation and reducing inventory holding cost.

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Loss Reserve Analytics Reduces Credit Risk for FSPs

Business Challenge: A financial protection and insurance products provider wanted to simplify its loss reserves setting process to ensure optimum reserves for various offerings and reduce credit risks.

Situation: The client offered a wide variety of insurance offerings including individual and corporate insurance, long-term care insurance, annuities, and banking products. The client’s insurance specific data was unorganized and non-synchronized, resulting in difficulties to determine and set loss reserves for its transactions. Client wanted a solution for the simplification of loss reserve process based on all transactional data.

Impact: The client utilized our single platform based loss reserve forecasting solution to ensure availability of adequate reserves to absorb losses due to default. The client also improved its loss reserve amount auditing and implemented real time monitoring, which helped ensure better lending decisions.

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