Build a smarter supply chain & improve efficiency with advanced supply chain operations analytics

We offer cutting-edge operations analytics solutions to address your supply chain needs and ensure the efficient delivery of goods from suppliers to customers


Predict and manage fluctuations in demand using targeted operations analytics solutions

The need to improve supply chain management has become crucial for businesses of all sizes and domains. To address this issue and improve operations and supply chain management we’ve developed targeted solutions that readjust proven approaches to analyze end-to-end supply chain operations from a people, process, and technology perspective. Big data in supply chain management not just helps businesses to bring about improvements in supply chain operations but facilitate the discovery of key capabilities to design a roadmap for supply chain excellence.

Identify critical business levers that drive value and improve supply chain performance

Our operations analytics experts have several years of experience in helping clients from different business verticals improve supply chain management. Quantzig’s unique expertise in this domain can help you identify critical business levers to enhance supply chain performance by offering unprecedented visibility into supply chain operations. What makes big data in supply chain management crucial from a business viewpoint is that it helps drive fact-based analysis and pragmatic delivery of leaner, flexible operations that reduce waste and minimizes risks across your supply chain.

Develop practical solutions for complex business problems using operations analytics

Quantzig’s supply chain operations management solutions portfolio comprises of a complex suite of analytics solutions driven by advanced technologies such as natural language processing, machine learning, and AI. The comprehensive suite of solutions offered by Quantzig leverages big data in supply chain management to help you address end-to-end supply chain challenges that revolve around manufacturing, transport and logistics operations. Using our supply chain operations analytics solutions can help you harness the creativity and intelligence of your entire supplier ecosystem, increase collaboration, and ultimately help serve your customers better.

Solution Portfolio – Supply Chain Operations Analytics Solutions

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    Logistics and Transportation Analytics

    Quantzig’s portfolio of operations and supply chain management solutions help businesses to make crucial decisions around outsourcing logistics and transport operations and collaborate with the right service providers to drive performance in accordance with contractual agreements to minimize costs and enhance efficiency.

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    Demand and Sales Forecasting

    Recognizing the need for a paradigm shift produces additional questions and concerns around demand and sales forecasting that must be addressed when considering which aspects of your supply chain management operations benefit most from transformation.

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    Supply Chain Visibility Analytics

    Leverage Quantzig’s operations and supply chain management solutions to gain better visibility, determine optimal warehouse layouts, optimize operations, and enhance efficiency. We can also help you identify new opportunities to cut down supply chain costs and better serve your customers.

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    Distribution Center and Freight Analysis

    Our portfolio of supply chain operations management solutions helps businesses monitor distribution processes to create a detailed picture of freight movement across all major states and distribution areas


Why choose Quantzig as your next supply chain operations analytics solutions provider?

Domain knowledge and learning-driven mindset

Quantzig is one of the world’s fastest-growing operations and supply chain management solutions providers, committed to offering innovative analytics solutions to help organizations institutionalize data-driven decision making and tackle complex business challenges.

Cutting-edge operations analytics solutions

Our supply chain operations management solutions leverage the latest statistical approaches and platforms and deliver it to you through an agile approach that’ll help you accelerate your journey from data to decisions.

Flexible white box supply chain operations analytics solutions

The advanced supply chain operations analytics solutions developed by Quantzig are flexible enough to accommodate the evolution of processes through dynamic changes in your business models.

Innovative techniques that accommodate cross-domain pollination

We use the latest approaches and leverage supply chain operations analytics across fields such as big data in supply chain management, statistics, operations research, and systems thinking and cross-pollinate the solutions across industries.

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