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How our web and social media analytics services help clients

Digital marketing is gaining tremendous importance across the industry and within an environment where ROI is of increasing importance. It is imperative to quantify and measure all web and social media activity to monitor the effectiveness of media investments and digital marketing campaigns.

With our web and social media analytics solutions, we help organizations analyze the effectiveness of company communications and customer interactions on different digital marketing platforms including website, social media presence, and mobile marketing. We help our clients develop an understanding of KPIs, selecting measurement tools, analyzing reports to enhance performance, and creating tests to improve media messages.

Key benefits we provide

Increase in Online Sales Conversion
Reduction in Media Costs
Increase in Acquisition of New Customers
Improvement in Cross-selling and Up-selling
Improvement in revenues
Improvement in Customer Satisfaction

What do we offer?

With a vast collection of analytics tools and employing a team of experienced social media experts, we keep our clients updated on the performance of their website and media investments across the digital landscape.

Solutions we provide

A / B Testing
Page Flow and Page Bounce Reports
Shopping Cart Analysis
Marketing Effectiveness
Customized KPIs and Metrics
Content Analysis

Analyzing social media discussions on the business’ campaigns and products, we help marketing managers keep a track of the opinions of their followers and proactively resolve customer issues.

Solutions we provide

Sentiment Analysis
Topic Modeling
User Reviews and Ratings Analysis
Opinion Mining
Text Mining
Word Cloud

Leveraging our expertise in machine learning and analyzing conversations on social media and review portals, we help businesses analyze their brand sentiment, understand the effectiveness of their promotional activities, and provide information on the competing brands.

Solutions we provide

Social KPIs and Metrics
Sentiment Analysis
Competitor Profiling
Market-Based Analysis
Net Promoter Score
Loyalty Analysis

Introduction to our web and social media analytics case studies


Social Media Analytics helps in Improving B2C Service Orders by 5 Times for Postal Service Provider

Business Challenge: A postal, shipping and freight services provider wanted to understand the customer sentiments and concerns with regards to its B2C services.

Situation: The client wanted to understand the perceptions, experiences and sentiments prevailing in social media regarding its B2C services, and how they were different from what the customers were saying about its competitors, in order to ascertain the areas of improvement in services.

Impact: Based on our insights from social media analytics, the client resolved the complaints about delays in courier deliveries and lost shipments, and also made significant changes to its shipments’ online tracking and monitoring on the website. This improved the visitors’ activity to the site by 8 folds and multiplied the B2C order quantity by 5 times.

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Social Media Analytics Improves Brand Positioning for Spare Parts Manufacturer

Business Challenge: A leading spare parts manufacturer engaged us to listen to, and analyze, conversations of the target customer segment for its fuel injection system, and develop insights to improve its go-to market strategies.

Situation: The client wanted to listen to the conversations within the B2B target customer base of its fuel injection system product, in order to understand the kind of buzz surrounding the product, and also devise ways to increase the awareness of the product.

Impact: The client was able to realign its go-to market strategies to achieve maximum reach to the target customer segments based on assessing the effectiveness of brand awareness efforts in generating mindshare.

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