[Upcoming Webinar] Embedding Digital Twins and Process Engineering in Business Processes 

Date: May 08, 2024 | Time: 11 AM CST

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Vijay Ganesan

Vice President


Event Summary

Digital Twins mimic a complex physical process, system or operations through connected diagnostics & process logs to simulate real conditions.  Often, they are used in monitoring for process risks, testing for resilience, engineering and optimizing performance as well as planning for future.

Digital twins & process engineering solutions allows process leaders to unlock insights on risks, opportunities and understand the nuances associated with underlying process without the need for physical testing which are usually capital intensive, manual in nature and not feasible at all in some of cases such as resilience checks given the high costs of failure.

While production & manufacturing functions were forerunners in adoption of this, Today, Digital twins & Process engineering solutions are being explored and adopted by variety of business functions such as Product innovation, concept testing, Supply Chain optimization, Customer personalization, Marketing operations and dynamic pricing etc.

We attempt to cover fundamentals of digital twins & process engineering solutions with few examples along with applications, considerations and benefits for different business functions from a practioners perspective.  Join us for this webinar!

Topics Covered:

  • Digital Twins & Process engineering: What is it? How is it done? Where to start?
  • Business Applications with Digital Twins – Examples and benefits
  • The importance of connected data & getting it right!
  • Leveraging AI for process simulation & optimization

Speaker's Profile

Vijay Ganesan is a seasoned analytics leader with 15 years of experience in Analytics consulting & digital transformation programs for several Fortune 500 clients globally. He has overseen key transformation programs for several CPG, retail, e-commerce, asset management, automotives, hospitality & entertainment clients across Europe & US. He specializes in analytics consulting, road map development, data strategy & advance solutions. He loves to connect with people over coffee for idea exchange & collaborations!

[Upcoming Webinar] Embedding Digital Twins and Process Engineering in Business Processes