[Webinar] Optimize Your Distribution Networks: Plug Supply Chain Gaps

Date: October 31, 2023 | Time: 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM CDT

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Apeksha Butani

Associate Vice President


Webinar Summary

Distribution networks are the spine of an efficient supply chain. Distribution efficiency dictates overall profitability as it directly impacts both supply chain cost and the customer experience. While customer needs influence the revenues, cost of meeting these customer needs influences the profit margins.

Despite being the key to business success, distribution networks are often not optimized. The variability in demand, stocking and manufacturing limitations along with huge network redesign costs serve as roadblocks in designing and implementing an efficient supply chain network. Further, businesses tend to overlook the preferences of various customer segments while designing distribution networks leading to inefficient deliveries thus impacting customer satisfaction.

An efficient distribution network is sensitive to volatilities and constraints across all nodes of supply chain and is a key element to build resilient supply chain.

In this webinar we talk about how to design an efficient supply chain network to maximize your profits and deliver best to your customers.

Our Talking Points Include:

  1. What is Distribution Network Analysis?
  2. Why is Distribution Network Analysis important?
  3. How to get started with Distribution network Analysis?
  4. What are the different elements of Distribution Network Analysis?

Speaker's Profile

Apeksha is an AI solutions expert and a seasoned management consultant with over ten years of experience in Analytics and Big Data fields. Apeksha has a strong background in building Social Media Analyzers, Conversational AI Systems and driving Digital Transformations at scale for many organizations. Adept at analyzing opportunity areas and quickly developing a roadmap, Apeksha has helped many Fortune 500 organizations become digitally mature at speed, helping them gain an edge over their competitors.

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