Four Financial Analytics Benefits Which You Must Know to Make Your Business Grow

Aug 3, 2018

Today, analytics has become an essential component for businesses and organizations to stay competitive and relevant. Financial analytics helps businesses understand and interpret their current and past performance, and predict future performance to make better business decisions. Financial analytics software helps in speeding up the creation of reports and enables data presentation through graphs, which are much easier to read and comprehend.

What is Financial Analytics?

The creation of ad hoc analysis or business intelligence analysis that answers specific business questions and helps in predicting financial scenarios is known as financial analysis. It is an essential tool to gauge the financial issues of businesses and work upon them to improve the overall performance of the businesses.   

Why is Financial Analytics Important?

Financial analytics is important because of the evolving business models and the emerging and shifting needs of traditional financial departments. Financial analytics also aims at managing and measuring tangible assets, something all organizations must engage in doing. Smart business decisions and minimum financial loss are close principles of financial analytics.

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Financial Analytics Benefits

Analytics of Customer Profitability

Customer profitability is a method to differentiate between customers that help a business make money viz-a-viz those who cause loss of money. It works on the 80/20 rule which means that 20% of customers cause 80% of the profit and 20% of customers are responsible for 80% of the customer-related costs. It is very important to understand which customer falls into which category. By understanding customer profitability, it becomes easy to extract useful insights from each group of customers.

Analytics of Sales Prediction

Predictive sales analytics helps in figuring out the success rate of sales forecasting. This can further help you in improving sales predictions. Sales predictions can be done in several ways like analyzing past trends or analyzing the correlations. Predictive analysis helps you sail through the peaks and troughs of your business.

Analytics of Product Profitability

To stay in the competition, it is very important for the business to locate the area of its profit and loss. Product profitability is a financial analytics tool that paves the way to discover the profitability of an individual product. Which product or service is bringing you revenues is what product profitability analyzes. It is an excellent tool to gain insights across a range of products and to boost profits with time.

Analytics of Cash Flow

To have an eye on the health of your business, it is very important to have an eagle’s eye on the movement of cash in your business. Cash flow analytics uses real-time or retrospective indicators like working capital ratio and the cycle of cash conversion. Consequently, cost flow analytics also helps you keep turning the cogs and increase the flow of cash by prioritizing the needs of customers.

Financial analytics is an essential instrument that large and small business owners should use to measure the growth of their business and to make changes in their strategies as required. Financial reports would be more accurate and reliable with the aid of financial analytics.

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