10 Ways HR Analytics Can Benefit Your Organization

Mar 9, 2017

HR Analytics

HR analytics solutions are becoming more powerful and versatile, and more companies are beginning to adopt them due to their numerous benefits. Human resources are never the first thought people have when they consider implementing analytics, but it’s an area that can reap many benefits from advanced analytics services. Here are some of the top HR analytics trends that are making an impact on businesses today.

Task Automation

There are many straightforward, repetitive tasks being performed by people that could instead be automated. As HR analytics technology becomes more sophisticated and accessible, more routine chores can be consigned to computer programs. This frees up time for employees to focus on more dedicated and fulfilling work and makes better use of the human resources that are at the company’s disposal.

Improving the Employee Experience

HR experts are finding that increasing employees’ feelings of belongingness within the company can increase morale and productivity. Analyzing how strong that sense of belonging is, as well as what contributes to it, can help improve company culture and create a better work environment.

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Reimagining Employee Feedback

Measuring engagement and job satisfaction is an important but resource-intensive task. As a result, companies have started looking for new ways to make use of HR analytics programs to streamline this process and gain greater insights from the information collected.

Taking Greater Advantage of Machine Learning

There are vast amounts of data available both within a company and outside it. Some companies are beginning to use machine learning to help interpret and act on this data, and this can be very useful in HR operations. Programs can examine employee and applicant data and help create strong matches for roles and teams, resulting in people that work well together and create effective results. There are many areas of human resources where HR analytics can be used to great effect.

Using HR Analytics for Talent Development

It is essential for employees to constantly up-skill and cross-skill themselves. Technology and job requirements are constantly evolving, and it can be difficult to keep everyone up to speed. Cognitive learning programs can help address this challenge by determining what a given employee needs to learn and how they will best learn it, as well as evaluating their knowledge and engagement.

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Making Detailed HR Information Accessible to Management

Managers tend to have many different tasks and responsibilities to take care of, and keeping up with every employee’s experiences and needs are often left to the HR. HR Analytics, however, can provide managers with easily accessible insights that allow them to monitor attitudes and performance. With this information, they can better identify people who are struggling or those who might be happier with different tasks, allowing them to better optimize their workforce without taking time away from their other responsibilities.

Automated, Unified Employee Support

Often, employees need to access different intranet locations and contact different people depending on the HR support they need or the information they are looking for. By making use of cognitive computing and HR analytics, the company can create one resource that accepts employee requests and returns the relevant information. This not only saves everyone time but also provides employees with a more pleasant experience.

Moving into The Cloud

As HR systems become more consolidated and automated, cloud analytics and HR analytics begin to play a greater role. They are an affordable option for organizations that cannot build their own systems in-house and can be accessed from anywhere, not just within the office. This offers new flexibility for both the HR department and employees.

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Younger, Tech-Savvy Leaders

As organizations come to rely more and more on the power of HR analytics, those promoted to leadership roles are becoming younger and more in tune with current technologies. It is essential for being more adaptable and ready to learn new programs and systems, and more millennials are beginning to step into these roles.

Integrating HR Analytics Across Processes

It can be easy to think of HR analytics as to the sole responsibility and interest of HR. However, it has an impact on the entire organization. Thus, the data used in HR analytics should not be viewed in isolation. Combining it with other business data, such as financial statistics, can yield insights that would otherwise be overlooked.

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