Big Data Analytics Application for Food Delivery Applications

Oct 24, 2017

Big Data Analytics Application

What are the Big Data Analytics Applications in the Food Industry?

S NoBig Data Analytics Applications
1.Accurate Delivery Time Estimates
2.Operational Efficiency
3.Understand Customer Sentiments
5.Analyze the Market Basket

Food delivery apps have become a rage, especially among millennials, owing to the convenience and ease involved in their usage. The increasing tug of war between food delivery apps to retain their market share has forced stakeholders in the food industry to explore new areas of improvement – this is where big data analytics comes into the picture. Food delivery apps have been employing big data analytics to identify new techniques for customer satisfaction. Let’s look at a few benefits that big data offers to food delivery apps.

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Big Data Analytics Applications and Benefits for Food Delivery Apps

1. Accurate Delivery Time Estimates

Big data analytics helps to collect real-time data, such as road traffic, temperature, route, etc.,  and provide an accurate estimation of the delivery time to customers. Moreover, big data analytics can predict the impact of these factors on food items, which helps take preventive measures for damage or wastage.

2. Operational Efficiency

Big data helps firms understand their customers better and provide the best quality of service. Big data analytics can be put to various uses such as analyzing the impact of temperature on food, the impact of market trends on stock consumption, formulating best practices to improve customer service, etc. This would help food delivery apps to improve their level of operational efficiency and survive in the market.

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3. Understand Customer Sentiments

Social media platforms have become a part and parcel of everyday life. People take to social media to express their slightest emotions, thoughts, opinions, and complaints. It has thus become extremely imperative for companies to maintain a good reputation to retain their customers and prevent the loss of customers through negative word of mouth.

Big data analytics categorizes the customers’ comments into positive, negative, or neutral. Food delivery apps can use this data to evaluate their customer’s emotions on a scale and take appropriate corrective actions if required.

4. Personalization

Analyzing the customer data collected can help food delivery apps understand their customers better. Important customer data such as what they like, the posts shared on social media, their willingness to pay, reviews, etc., help provide more personalized and customer-centric service.

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5. Analyze the Market Basket

Market basket analysis is related to predicting the most likely behavior of the customer. This analysis is carried out based on the purchase history and the items currently in the cart of the customer. Based on the results of this analysis, combo deals can be promoted to customers, which would entice the customers to purchase more and ensure customer satisfaction by making their ordering decision easier.

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