How are Companies Across Industries Benefiting from Cognitive Computing?

Jul 17, 2019

Robotic Process Automation

The concept as well as applications of cognitive computing is the amalgamation of cognitive science and artificial intelligence and is based on the premise of replicating the human thought process. Cognitive technology has far-reaching impacts on industries such as healthcare, finance, insurance, and banking. Cognitive computing has the potential to disrupt the digital sphere unlike any other technology introduced in the past two decades. With the ability to analyze and process a plethora of data, cognitive computing can help in faster and more accurate data analysis. Cognitive computing analyzes patterns and suggests that humans must take relevant actions. In this article, our analytics experts have highlighted a few significant benefits of cognitive computing that can help enterprises across industries achieve excellence in business operations and improve profitability.

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Benefits of Cognitive Computing

Helps in Accurate Data Analysis

A cognitive computing system is highly efficient in collecting, juxtaposing and cross-referencing information to analyze a particular situation effectively. For example, in the healthcare industry, cognitive technology helps physicians to collect and analyze data from different sources such as previous medical reports, medical journals, diagnostic tools, and patient data. This, further, helps in offering a data-backed treatment recommendation that helps both the patient as well as the doctor. Cognitive computing uses robotic process automation to improve data analysis.

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Improves Business Processes

The goal of cognitive computing is to analyze emerging patterns, identify business opportunities, and tackle critical process-centric issues in real-time. By analyzing a plethora of data, a cognitive computing system can help in simplifying processes and reducing risks according to the change in circumstances. Furthermore, this helps enterprises in building a robust response model to control risks and create lean business processes.

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Enhances Customer Interaction

Cognitive computing systems can be used to enhance customer interactions and experience through robotic process automation. Robots can provide contextual information to customers without any interaction with staff members. Also, cognitive technology helps in providing only relevant, contextual and valuable information to the customers. This, further, helps in improving customer experience, thus making customers satisfied and much more engaged with a business.

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