Content Marketing Trends You Shouldn’t Miss Out On This Year

Jul 10, 2018

content marketing trends

Marketers constantly keep experimenting with their strategies and techniques, seeking new and innovative ways to lure customers. Content marketing is one such strategy that has kept digital marketers hooked on to it because of the immense potential it has to engage customers and drive leads. As Bill Gates once said, “Content is king”, this notion remains true even today. As technology and search engines change, so do the strategies marketers use to engage their customers online.  Businesses that are successful in keeping up with the latest content marketing trends and building compelling content are more likely to win the favor of customers. New content marketing trends have introduced us to some top-notch marketing tools that can be used to better interact and engage with customers.

Top Content Marketing Trends 2018

Video Content Marketing

Video is one of the most popular content marketing trends for this season. Marketers have been swearing by this technique for the past of the past couple of years, and the results have been extraordinary. YouTube and Facebook videos are the best platforms for companies to experiment with video content. You no longer need an expensive camera or high-tech editing software to make a professional-looking video. All you need is a smartphone, a phone tripod, and a social media account. Today, there are also tools available that use AI to help you edit and market videos in just a few minutes.

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Interactive Storytelling

Modern customs are highly influenced by the ‘story’ culture. Marketers have now come to realize the power of interactive storytelling. Innovative content marketing trends like interactive storytelling develop deeper connections with your audience. It builds brand reputation. It engages users in a meaningful relationship with the company. The content used to lure customers through storytelling must have three integral elements – emotion, message, and morale.

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Mobile Marketing

The power of mobile content marketing cannot be ignored. It has been one of the hottest content marketing trends in the past couple of years and will continue to be in the years to come. Companies have started to move beyond just videos, photos, and chat for content marketing. The latest mobile content marketing trends include e-book reading, live streams, news, and interactive content. A successful example of such content marketing trends is the campaign by L’Oréal on Snapchat. Users could take a selfie and add a sponsored graphic by using the app to take a ‘selfie’. They will be shown in the eyeliner and as a result. This proved to be a perfect integration of mobile and user-generated content.

User-Generated Content

The most recent content marketing trends is that of user-generated content, which suggests that customers are the best marketers. The importance of user-generated content is rapidly growing. User-generated content includes reviews, recommendations, blogs, ratings, and comments. Consumers tend to trust what others say about your company rather than what you say about yourself.

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