The Rise Of E Sim Cards: Are Traditional Sim Cards at The Edge of The Cliff?

Nov 30, 2017

What Is an E Sim? How Is It Different from A Regular Sim?

Technology has adopted the trend of downsizing things – from mobile phones to sim cards; we like everything sleek, handy, and portable. Before the invention of sim cards, who would have thought of the day when we wouldn’t be confined to a particular radius to make telephonic conversations! Sim cards have truly revolutionized the telecom industry into an era of portable communication. But a common human trait is to be ‘hungry for more.’ Constant research and developments in the telecom industry have given birth to ‘E Sim’ also known as embedded sim or virtual sim card, which is a programmable sim card that can be fixed into the device. Does this mean that there is no hassle of having to change sim cards when you change your operator? Yes, it does! E sim cards are different from the regular sim cards as they are soldered directly into the circuit board of your mobile device. Through this technology, you can select multiple cellular network or operators without having to change the sim card physically. The information in the embedded sim card can be rewritten by all telecom operators, meaning users can now switch operators without having to dismantle your phone and change sim cards.
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How Will You Benefit from Switching Over to E Sim Cards?

As technology becomes advanced, life gets a lot easier, and you save more time than you otherwise would have. Earlier, the complex processes involved in switching operators made people think twice before changing their network provider; however, with the advent of e sim, shuttling between various network providers has become a lot more feasible. Here are some of the key benefits that e sim has to offer:

  • Avoiding tedious and lengthy process of changing network provider makes the process faster and more convenient for customers
  • With the help of e sim, customers can use the facilities of several operators in a single device. Therefore, they can keep a constant track on the best tariffs and offers by service providers and choose the provider that is best suited to their requirements
  • By incorporating e sim, customers can use the same mobile service even if they are traveling abroad. E sim will allow operators in the telecom industry to provide local tariffs even when the network is on roaming.

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